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Lily Herbceuticals ~ “Ancient Wisdom, Modern Technology, Real Results”

By Helen Trent

lily-herbs-gift-set2Lily Herbceuticals is about combining 5,000 years of proven effective Chinese herbal medicine with the western world’s most advanced active ingredients and technology to create a beautifully crafted skin care product that makes women look and, as a result, feel younger. Their current product line includes facial masks, toners, foaming cleansers, day cream, eye serum, and anti-aging products, to name just a few.

Prior to the launch of Lily Herbceuticals, founder Lily Kruel had from a young age in China been learning and practicing herbal beauty secrets under the watchful eye of her aunt, a famous Chinese Herbal Doctor and instructor at the highly regarded Shanghai Traditional Medicine Institute. After graduation from college, Lily worked for the Chinese Duty Free group and is credited with introducing brand name skin care products into the Chinese market and opening doors for the West to meet the East in the beauty industry.

Lily has teamed up with Chinese Herbal doctors from the Shanghai Institute to focus on formulas that gently maximize the potential of skin care remedies. They use their novel and exclusive patent pending 3D tensor technology™ delivery system, which can help actives penetrate faster and deeper into the skin to generate practically instant, long lasting results unlike most conventional skin care delivery systems. The formulas are constructed with exactly the same approach as all Chinese Herbal doctors use in their internal treatment. No one in the United States ~ where Lily Herbceuticals’ finished skin care products are made ~ or even in the Chinese market has ever taken this approach to beauty.

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“Ancient Wisdom, Modern Technology, Real Results’

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