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LifeSpan’s Fitness Forever DVD

By Ross Joseph

health-and-fitness-fitness-copyExercise is the key to a healthy lifestyle. If you take care of your body, not only will it last longer, you’ll feel better and reduce the chance of injuries and your immune system will be at its best to keep you from getting sick. Regular, consistent exercise is easier if you have a trainer or guidelines to get you doing a variety of different movements.

Lifespan’s Fitness Forever DVD is a medically-based exercise program designed specifically for seniors, although people of all ages, including those with physical conditions like arthritis, diabetes, heart disease or high blood pressure, can benefit from it. It is designed not only to improve heart rate and blood pressure, but to increase mobility, reduce joint pain, and improve fitness and health. The entire workout can even be done seated. Done consistently, it will help improve overall health, raise your level of fitness, and reduce the risk of injury and illness.

It is also available in VHS as supplies last from the manufacturer, but the DVD offers much easier functionality. The total running time of the program is 74 minutes; the workout is 49 minutes long and offers a good warm-up and cool down.

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