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AARP covers it all

By Lauren Koblara

If you’re over 50, you know about AARP. For that matter, if you’re under 50, you know about it, too ~ that’s it’s basically the go-to organization for information, discounts, news, and more for mature adults. You know about their life insurance supplements, the additional healthcare coverage they offer, and you may have heard of their financial planning assistance. But did you know that for the past 6 years AARP has been hosting an event that rivals anything young Hollywood could produce? This year, AARP brought the party to Boston, and the roster of celebrities and exhibitors was la crème de la creme…and Vitality was lucky enough to be on the guest list.

Bob Newhart, photo by Lauren Koblara

Bob Newhart, photo by Lauren Koblara

Life@50+, AARP’s lifestyle expo, opened with kickoff ceremonies featuring Kirk Douglas and Michael Douglas. The Boston Convention & Exhibition Center opened its doors to over 26,000 attendees and 450 exhibitors and dozens of expert speakers. Life@50+’s message rang loud and clear ~ life really can begin at 50!

In addition to the great exhibits, AARP had lined up ~ across the three-day event ~ appearances by some very impressive celebrities including LL Cool J, Richard Simmons, Tony Bennett, Earth Wind and Fire, Rod Stewart, Bob Newhart, Whoopi Goldberg and Maya Angelou (the chat between these two women ~ what Angelou called a “love feast” ~ was the perfect close to a truly inspirational event). Also accepting invites to come and discuss their views on healthcare, social security, and other topics of interest to the 50+ community were Republican candidate and former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee and Democratic candidate New York Senator Hillary Clinton.

Kudos goes to the AARP for not just this powerful event, but for continually working to dispel the myths and misconceptions about aging and what life can be once our 40s are behind us.

Next year’s Life@50+ will be held in Washington D.C. September 4th-6th and will be a celebration of AARP’s 50th anniversary. For more information on AARP’s Life@50+ log onto

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