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Lavanila’s Delicious Vanilla-based Scents in Compact, Travel-Friendly Rollerballs

Ever wish you could bring perfume along when you travel without worrying that it will add too much weight or wind up spilling inside your bag?  And when we transition from our work briefcase to our chic nighttime purse for an evening at the theatre, wouldn’t it be nice not to have to make the choice between bringing along a scent OR everything else we need ~ like our wallet, keys, lipstick, etc.?  Well, our problems have been solved.

New from Lavanila Laboratories are 2 products sure to make the on-the-go lifestyle a bit more convenient. The new 1oz. Healthy Fragrances and Vanilla Lavender Healthy Fragrance Roller Ball are great for the busy woman and consummate traveler. beauty-side-lavanila-copy

1 oz. Healthy Fragrance Collection ($39): A 100% healthy collection of intoxicating, warm vanilla blends, now available in petite bottles designed in the same chic style as the original size. Petite Lavanila one-ounce fragrances are an elegant addition to any vanity or travel bag with their sleek, scaled-down design. Wear vanilla your way with the easy-to-layer Lavanila Healthy Fragrance Collection – Pure Vanilla, Vanilla Coconut, Vanilla Grapefruit and Vanilla Lavender.

Vanilla Lavender Roller Ball ($19): Lavanila’s best selling roller-ball collection expands with the luxury of vanilla lavender.  Reapply discreetly with the purse-friendly roller-ball and experience the calming benefits of lavender on-the-go. Pretty and portable, the new Vanilla Lavender Roller-Ball fragrance offers all the natural luxury of its larger counterpart, without the extra weight and risk of spills.

All Lavanila products are formulated exclusively with all-natural and organic ingredients. Unlike traditional fragrances on the market, Lavanila scents are free of chemically-laden alcohol, petrochemicals and phthalates and instead contain natural ingredients such as pure essential oils, 100% natural botanical extracts, spring water, and organic sugar cane alcohol.

Visit any Sephora store or for more scents, deodorants, information, and to get your roller ball fragrances now!

Pictured: Lavanila one-ounce fragrances.

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