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Kowalski Furniture Design

A Passion for Beauty and Function
By Rachel Shuster

In this increasing fast-paced world, and especially in these often draining times of political and economic anxiety, our homes must be as peaceful and comforting as the outside world is chaotic and cacophonous. Our home is our oasis, and as such should be filled with furniture that is pleasing to the eye as well as to the body and soul. Robert C. Kowalski and his designs, then, are easily one of a home’s best friends.

The History

Robert is the talented mastermind behind the extremely successful Kowalski Furniture Design. A native of Northern Virginia, Kowalski’s desire to create spectacular and innovative designs was sparked by his awe of architecture in the Washington D.C. area. As part of his immersion into this new-found passion, he spent eight years apprenticing in places like a Richmond, VA traditional cabinet shop and studied architectural woodworking in Washington, D.C.

In 1979, Kowalski and his wife Darcey moved to the Boston area so he could further his dreams of having a career in furniture creation. There he continued his apprenticeships by studying traditional furniture making, design and furniture restoration. Kowalski also was a part of Worcester Crafts Center Design School, where he studied professional crafts.

With so much knowledge and skill under his belt, Kowalski opened his own furniture shop in Worcester in 1984. Here he really began to let his creative mind expand, designing and creating original pieces of furniture that integrated architectural elements from his past apprenticeships. In 1987, Kowalski received the American Institute of Architecture (AIA) award in restaurant design for designing a Crafts Movement style bar for a restaurant in Washington, D.C.

In 2000, the concept of Kowalski Furniture Design truly came into its own and moved to Spencer, MA. In 2004, Kowalski moved his business into an old three story mill building that had once been used as a cobbler shop. Since then, Kowalski and his staff of fellow designers have been making their own “house a home” by adding an office, a metalworking shop, a photography area, a woodworking and finishing shop and a show room displaying their current work in the building.

The Furniture

Kowalski Furniture Design is the result of Robert C. Kowalski’s hard work, invaluable experience, and knowledge and appreciation of quality and style. This business has been hand-crafting beautiful furniture for almost 25 years now, creating quality products that are both beautifully made and beautiful to behold. Kowalski and his staff are dedicated to creating designs that are simple and functional but that also add style and elegance at a reasonable price. All the designs are originals and made from only the highest quality materials, facts in which the business takes great pride. The experience is, and always has been, about attention to the customer and his or her specific needs and tastes. For example, customers are encouraged to select their own type of wood out of which their custom furniture will be constructed.

The variety of stock pieces available at Kowalski Furniture Design speaks of the designers’ own artistic sensibilities as well as Robert’s keen eye for functionality and substance. Tables include coffee, end, dining room, and specialty place tables such as sofa tables and pedestal tables. Seating styles include a host of unique benches as well as Tashmoo Ladderback chairs. Bookcases, desks, doors and chests abound, as do other bedroom items, with options such as cherry, mahogany, walnut, raised, Shaker, and Mission paneled. In stock and ready to ship items are available for pick up on-site at the shop in Spencer.

Whether you are looking to add a single signature piece to complete the look of a room, or want to furnish an entire room with one of a kind pieces, Kowalski Furniture Design is the perfect choice, with their quality, creativity, attention to detail, and level of customer service rarely seen in today’s fast-paced world.

To find out more, including directions to the shop at 22-1/2 Cherry Street in Spencer, MA, call 866-885-5392 or visit

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