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Kim Long, Image Consultant

By Cristal Perriello

Kim Long

Kim Long

Meet Kim Long, a certified image consultant. She will take your wardrobe from frumpy to fabulous because her job is to make you look good.

Clients from all over the state flock to FLY, Long’s image consulting services that started out of her Shrewsbury home and will soon be expanding to another location in Northboro. So, what is FLY? It stands for Fashion. Life. You. Fashion comes first: whether you are zipping up L.L. Bean or donning Versace, every woman wants to look good. Life, because whatever it is, it has to fit your style and lifestyle. Finally, You, because it’s important to let yourself shine through whatever you are wearing. There is always something new and exciting on the fashion horizon, and FLY is it!

“FLY is being developed as a destination experience that will offer women a new way to look at how they dress, shop, live and treat themselves,” explains Long. “I work with women to give advice and guidance on hair, makeup, the colors they should be wearing, what clothes look best on them as well as what style best fits their lifestyle and how they wish to be seen.”

You could say F.L.Y. is a local version of the hit TLC show “What Not to Wear,” except Kim is prepared to tell you “What to Wear” ~ plus she won’t invade your closet and dump your clothes in a garbage can. Her goal? She wants to help professional women and “up-and-comers” feel as if they can fly, soar, and reach new personal heights.

“As a certified image professional I have chosen to share my industry’s secrets of looking great and feeling good when it comes to your appearance and clothing with as many women as possible.”

Kim’s main line is the Doncaster Collection; she offers it in seasonal trunk shows four times a year. “It’s a beautiful line of clothing that is runway inspired, made from luxurious fabrics imported from Europe and around the world with great detail and fit.”

Another reason this line is absolutely fabulous is that it can fit women sizes 2 to 24 ~ including petite and plus sizes. The designs are contemporary but classic and the line offers style solutions for those who like dressy, upscale or fashion forward designs. There are plenty of great looks for the professional woman and an unbelievable collection for women who enjoy a more casual lifestyle. Kim is also negotiating the new Bill Blass New York Collection and will be adding other designers on an ongoing basis.

So how did a busy mother of three teenage boys get into this business?

“You could say I was a bored and desperate housewife looking for something exciting to do. There is nothing more exciting than starting your own business and when you add in the creativity of the fashion industry…I just couldn’t resist!”

Kim offers workshops in Wardrobe Planning and Building, Travel Wardrobes, How to Dress to Get a Raise, even Fashion Feng Shui.

Interested, but afraid it will hurt your wallet? Long offers custom packages to work for every budget. “My services are affordable to everyone because clients can create their own programs and reduce costs by attending workshops and group events.”

Lime wrap blouse and white linen skirt

Lime wrap blouse and white linen skirt

While you are desperately waiting to break out your tank tops and sandals, take some final words of advice from this fashion maven: “Clearing the clutter of closets is very powerful. If you are feeling ‘blocked’ or ‘blue,’ clearing out and reorganizing your closet is very powerful medicine.”

To contact Kim directly, email her at

To check out FLY, head to

We asked Kim…

Do you remember shopping in downtown Worcester during the special late-night shopping Wednesdays?

Honestly, I didn’t grow up in the area. I’m a country girl from Pennsylvania, but we did have late night shopping downtown and malls didn’t exist. We called it “Moonlight Madness” where stores were open until midnight, the sales were awesome, and everyone in the county showed up. Thanks for bringing that up…it’s a good memory. That’s when the salespeople at the shoe store always measured your foot, put on and took off your shoe, laced the shoes to make sure they were just right, and hand wrote your order. Everyone knew your name and gave you lollipop whether you bought something or not.

Past trends you’d like to see return?

Trends will always come back around, what I love is how they are recreated to fit the times. You are going to see a lot of 60’s influences in fashion, but with a lot more sophistication. That’s always exciting.

One word to describe your own style?

Posh. That’s such a fun word.

Pic: Lime Wrap Blouse and White Linen Skirt

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