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A gift guide for your grandkids

Looking for some great presents for the grandkids? From books to bicycles, from small gifts to large ones, we’ve got great gift ideas!

toysFor fashionable little princesses. Most little girls love fashion. They play dress-up, paint their nails, do their hair and wear your clothes and high heels. Now, they can even paint their shoes! Bobbi Toads are shoes designed so that you can paint (and repaint) the “toes” for a custom look every time you wear them. Simply paint the shoes as you would your own toes. When you are ready to switch up your style and change colors, simply use non-toxic nail polish remover to remove the old polish and repeat the process by polishing with a different color. Bobbi Toads come in sizes 11-6, with styles in both Velcro and lace-up closures. $49.95, bobbitoads.com.

Teach tying with ease. Ever teach a toddler/young kid to tie their own shoes? It’s not easy ~ unless you have Loopeez! This cool shoe-tying aid makes learning to tie shoes frustration free. A lot of kids can’t hold the loops in place and complete the bow. Loopeez teaches directly on the shoe and teaches both methods of tying. You can also purchase special bi-color laces that help kids see the left/right lace. Loopeez $7.99, laces $5.99; loopeez.com.

Imagine, discover and inspire! Create an awesome light and sound experience with Uncle Milton’s Wild Walls. Use the peel ’n stick decals to design themes like Shark Encounter, Dolphin Voyage, Safari Adventure, Amazing Web Attack (Spider-Man) and more. Each kit comes with decals and an FX Activator that mounts easily to the wall for light and sound effects. $29.99, unclemilton.com.

Fun learning! Created to entertain players of all ages, The Schwinn Biking Game begins with the roll of the die after each player has chosen his bike. Depending on what space a player lands on, several outcomes can occur, including heading to the bike shop to read a Fun Fact card or answering one of the Biking Game questions. The goal is to be the first cyclist back to your parking spot. $24.99; educationoutdoors.net.

Build-A-Bear. Give the Build-A-Bear Workshop gift of friendship this holiday season. There is something for everyone on your gift list, including holiday favorites, new My Little Pony friends, winter-themed stuffed animals, personalized picks, gifts that give back, stocking stuffers and more. Of course, you can always give the Build-A-Bear Workshop experience with a Bear Buck$ gift card to make memories that last a lifetime. Prices vary; buildabear.com.

Bring some fruit with you. Treat the family to a fruity holiday with the Bananagrams family of games. These tile word games come in fruity pouches and are perfect for pre-schoolers on up. Just pick from Bananagrams (for 7 and older), Appletters (for 3 and older) or PAIRSinPEARS (for 3 and older). $14.95; bananagrams.com.

For your adventurer. An epic fantasy, Journey to Rainbow Island is the story of Yu-ning, who thinks her perfect life on Rainbow Island will never end ~ until a nasty dragon called the Obsidigon returns from beyond the grave. Now her beloved island is in flames, her best friend has been kidnapped and the island’s Sacred Crystals have been stolen. To make matters worse, she must venture into the dark corners of the world to uncover secrets best ignored, find a weapon thought long destroyed and recapture seven sacred stones ~ without being burned to a crisp by a very angry dragon. $17.95, journeytorainbowisland.com.

For your reader. By your favorite reader something truly distinctive with Spineless classics. Spineless Classics creates the full text of a book on a poster. These make beautiful pieces of wall art as well as wonderful gifts. Titles include The Hobbit, Pride & Prejudice, Peter Pan, Harry Potter & the Sorcerer’s Stone and Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland. Starting from $26.99; spinelessclassics.net.

Stay Away Monster Spray . Stay Away Monster Spray is a calming scented spray used on bed linens, curtains, the closet, under the bed and all other places monsters may lurk to spray them away. This spray gives fearful children the power to calm their nighttime anxieties. Children actually look forward to going to bed and fighting the monsters with a simple spray.

The perfect ride. The bike is a traditional holiday gift, but what about younger children who haven’t learned to ride yet? Prince Lionheart offers a range of riding toys for all ages. Start with wheelyBUGS ride-on toys, which come in bumblebees, ladybugs, pigs, tigers, cows and mice and are perfect for little legs. YoMOTO bikes offer easy maneuverability and large, stable wheels for toddlers to ride indoors and outdoors. Help children learn to balance for that big two-wheel bicycle with BalanceBIKES, Whirl Balance Scooters or Chop Balance Bikes. $75-$120; princelionheart.com.

Local Toy Shops

If you’re looking to shop local, check out some of these stores in Central Massachusetts!

Classic Toy Shop
198 Park Ave., Worcester
(508) 755-3629

Button Tree Kids
1102 Pleasant St., Worcester
(508) 926-8710

Toy Stop
385 Southbridge St., Auburn
(508) 832-5560

S & T Collectibles
38 Southbridge St, Auburn
(508) 796-3840

The Whiz Store
122 Turnpike Road, Westborough
(508) 366-2030

Toys Plus
601 Donald Lynch Blvd, Marlborough
(508) 460-0643

Learning Express
50 E. Main St, Westborough
(508) 898-0076

Forever Dolls & Collectibles
78 N. Sturbridge Road, Charlton
(508) 248-4293

Kids Only
11 Walkup Drive, # A, Westborough
(508) 836-8697

Oh! Toys
15 Liberty Dr, Southborough
(508) 460-1981

Stuff N Cuddle Teddies Express
34 Plant Ave., Hudson
(508) 783-4462

Wooden Toys & Crafts
655 Farm Road, Marlborough
(508) 485-6992

Turn 4 Hobbies
244 W. Boylston St., Suite 6&7, West Boylston
(774) 261-8191

Master Hobbies
565 Main St., Cherry Valley
(508) 892-1440

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