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Karen Mulvey’s Confections: Sweets for your sweetheart

By Jennifer Russo

confectionsphotoWhen Karen Mulvey’s 20-year position as a retail manager was suddenly eliminated, she faced the choice of looking for work in another business or starting her own. With the encouragement and support of her husband, daughter and son-in-law and her passion for creating homemade gifts for family and friends, she opted to embrace her love of baking sweet treats and build a confectionary empire of her own. With parents who owned a successful business and siblings who do as well, it was only natural the Marlborough resident would follow suit.

Karen believes in giving her customers their money’s worth by using her creativity to give them something tasty, beautiful and cost effective.

“One day, I stopped at a candy store to feed my sweet tooth and noticed a display of candy bouquets,” Karen said. “I realized the price being charged was over a 400 percent mark-up and thought to myself that I could use more product and less fillers and charge half that price.”

In addition to candy bouquets, the Marlborough-based Creative Confections offers signature cupcake bouquets that mimic real floral arrangements and can be customized to the client’s tastes, interests, favorite colors and occasion.

“Sure, it’s a little more involved, but I love the interaction with my customers,” Karen said happily. She even does home parties, where she will bring some arrangements and chocolate-covered treats, such as fruit, Oreo cookies and pretzels for tasting, and the best part is the host never has to bake a thing.

Confections now offers a new line of gift baskets for any holiday or occasion, including a Romantic Indulgence Basket, which includes champagne and truffles; a Wine and Cheese Basket, for a cozy and relaxing evening at home; and even a Spa Basket, for a friend (or yourself) who just needs a little pampering.

Keep your eyes open for a storefront property, which Karen hopes will happen in the near future. In the meantime, you can view some items on the Confections Facebook page, www.facebook.com/creativeconfect, and work with Karen on your perfectly sweet gift. For more information, email CreativeConfect@aol.com.

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