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Jeweler Neal Rosenblum

This Worcester Gem Has Stood the Test of Time
By Lauren Koblara

Out of all the gifts that we receive over the years, the most personal and sentimental are often jewelry. It could be a bracelet that was your mother’s, the engagement ring that made you say, “I do,” or a pendant that your child or grandchild gave you on your birthday. For the past 30 years, Neal Rosenblum has been one of the Worcester jewelers working to make those memories as special as possible.

Neal began creating jewelry over 30 years ago after he “…stumbled upon metalwork as an art form.” As a self-taught artist, Neal started out manufacturing jewelry for retail shops and galleries and later began the business that we are familiar with today. Neal’s first retail space was about a block away from the gallery’s current location on Park Ave in Worcester. “The other location was a fairly small start-up and we did primarily custom work there, as well as some retail,” says Neal. After 14 years at the first location, Neal moved his shop to the large open storefront that is now Neal Rosenblum Goldsmith Gallery. This year will mark their 15th year there.

Over the past 30 years, Neal has seen subtle and gradual changes to the style and fashion of the jewelry in his shop. He says that “…in a lot of ways the things that we carry are driven by current styles but others originate from what the designers want to create…Some things are fairly conservative that we have, almost timeless and classical, and other things are unusual and creative.” It is this ability to straddle the line between contemporary and classic that has made Neal Rosenblum’s gallery a Worcester favorite for decades.

The gallery hosts jewelry from a revolving list of designers and many customers stop in frequently to see what’s new on display. There is a great variety of styles, metals, and gemstones to select from: “We’re not a high volume store, but we try to bring in fresh, new things all the time,” Neal says. Currently, the gallery has items from nearly 50 designers.

When asked about what part of his work he finds most satisfying, Neal shares that he enjoys custom work and creating his own designs, but that “…overall, for this business the most satisfying thing is that we’re able to find ourselves in the community and even though we’re not a big presence we have a pretty good following of people. I think we stand out in a lot of ways and we’re different.”

Not only does Neal have the talent and mind for the jewelry business, but he also has the heart for it. “When you’re in this type of business it’s buying and selling jewelry, but it’s also buying and selling jewelry for a purpose. There are people coming to us for engagement rings, wedding bands, gifts for different occasions and it’s great to be able to make that connection with people.”

For more information about Neal Rosenblum Goldsmith Gallery, log onto or stop in to shop at 261 Park Ave, Worcester. The gallery is open Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday 10am-6pm, Thursday 10am-8pm and Saturday 10am-5pm.

Photos by Lauren Koblara

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