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It’s a Wrap for Wrap Rage

By Lynn N. Capri

We’ve all heard of Road Rage, but there’s an even more insidious frustration…nay, fury…taking over many of our homes ~ Wrap Rage. Clamshell packaging, plastic-wrapped DVD and CD cases, overly-taped storage boxes…they’re all to blame for the battle between human and package. Who hasn’t gone nuts, suffered a stinging paper/plastic cut, broken a nail, or had to resort to hacking away at packaging with an ill-suited pair of scissors that either doesn’t do the job or winds up slicing open both the packaging AND a hand? And don’t get me started on the evils of bundles held together with zip ties! Well, rage no more ~ the Open It! from Zebra is here to save your sanity (and perhaps a finger or two, as Good Morning America’s Robin Roberts reported that “There are over 6,000 reported emergency room incidents resulting from wrap rage…”).

Open It! is 5 tools in 1 and is the safest, most convenient (and hence least rage-inducing) way to open any package that comes your way. Its new ergo-design makes it right and left hand-friendly and the patented angular jaws keep your hands free from the sharp edges of evil clamshells packaging. The auto-retract system prevents blade from being exposed when not in use.

So, for under $10.00, the Open It! will:

• Cut It: with long cutting jaws that cut quickly through sealed clamshell packaging.
• Snip It: with hardened, precision ground steel blades that snip through zip ties and twist ties.
• Slice It: with a blade that glides through CD and DVD packaging
• Unscrew It: with a removable screwdriver designed for easy use and convenient storage
• Pop It: with a bottle cap opener that’s cleverly built into the tool’s jaws

Packaging is an unavoidable adversary. Prepare yourself for battle with the Open It! and spare your sanity, fingers and…did we mention sanity?

Open It! is now available nationwide at Bed Bath & Beyond.

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