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Introducing the Vue

By Rick Garner
The Vue is one of the best and hottest tech gadgets out there that allows users to easily monitor their homes, boats, and vacation homes. Soon, everyone will be talking about it.

The Vue is the world’s first personal video system that utilizes miniature cameras and innovative wireless networking technology to enable remote live viewing from any Internet browser or iPhone ~ and now the iPad! All you have to do is mount the wireless cameras anywhere, plug in the gateway to the internet, and you’re good to go ~ no software to download. Vue users can simply log onto their password protected account to view live and recorded footage while traveling the world or having a night out on the town.

The Vue

The Vue

Remote Video Viewing, Unplugged

Vue personal video network uses miniature battery-powered cameras and wireless FrameMesh™ networking to provide remote live viewing at its simplest. With its innovative combination of live video imaging and web connectivity, Vue lets you connect with family, keep tabs on home events as they happen, and easily capture everyday moments to save and share. Vue sets up in just minutes, and there’s no software to install or manage. You simply place the miniature Vue cameras wherever you’d like, hook up the Vue gateway, and you’re ready to start viewing live video through your very own, very secure, online account. It’s that simple.
And since your account is web-based, you’re free to access your live video from any flash-enabled browser device. Vue lets you see your video wherever you want, whenever you want.

The Vue mounted

The Vue mounted

FrameMesh: Safe. Smart. Secure

The Vue network uses FrameMesh, a patented new mesh networking technology designed for adhoc low-power device-to-device applications. FrameMesh was built specifically to make the Vue system possible. The technology allows for high image data throughput with very low network overhead and a streamlined packet re-try mechanism. FrameMesh allows for range extending devices, either line or battery-powered, to join the network and greatly improve network reliability. All data carried on the network is encrypted to ensure content security. The Vue personal video network is the only battery-powered wireless video network that utilizes a mesh network topology, allowing video transmission over great distances or from hard to reach places.

The Vue System

Every Vue personal video network comes complete with two Vue wireless cameras, a Vue gateway and an initial subscription to your own web account ~ with 2 gigabytes of storage.

Vue™ Personal Video Network

Vue is the revolutionary wire-free video system that provides the easiest way to see your family and your home from virtually anywhere.

Personal Video Network ~ See what you’re missing™

  • Manage your views at
  • Keep an eye on an elderly parent or friend who depends on you.
  • Check in on housesitters and pets when you’re away from home.
  • Stream live video of birthdays and events to family and friends.
  • Share video and snapshots on, or through popular online sharing and social networking sites.

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