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beauty-ken-pavis-copyBy Steph Moore

Ken Paves, hair guru to Hollywood stars of all ages, has finally brought his hair care secrets to the masses.  No longer do you have to be on the Hollywood A list to have gorgeous hair like the stars!!!

THINK: Nurturing, professional care for hair in need of serious treatment.

THE PRODUCTS: Restorative hair care formulas developed by renowned stylist Ken Paves. Is your hair in need of a little self-help? Indulge in some R&R with Self-Help: Care of Ken Paves, a collection of targeted hair care products designed to help women see the beauty they already possess while restoring hair to its healthiest, most vibrant state. This hair care line harnesses Ken’s extensive experience getting real women everywhere to love their hair.

Self-Help: Care of Ken Paves products employ super-ingredients that aid in color preservation while increasing hair elasticity and reversing damage, giving women the self-help they need to feel good inside and out. The entire collection is free of harmful synthetics, trading in harsh ingredients found in standard hair care lines like sulfates for active raw botanicals.

At the heart of Self-Help are anti-aging Co-Elastic Q-10 clusters, proven to significantly increase elasticity, strength and softness, as well as a color-preserving system that improves color retention by sealing dye in the hair shaft. By addressing three major hair concerns ~ aging, damage and color fading ~ the revolutionary collection gives millions of women what their hair truly needs.

“Beauty cannot be bought or applied,” says Ken.  “It’s about trying something new and giving yourself a reason to look in the mirror and feel good. I created Self-Help to empower women to bring out the true beauty they already possess, putting them in control of their hair and their confidence.”

The Ken Paves Self-Help Collection includes:

SULFATE-FREE HAS INTEGRITY Hydrophobicity-Enhancing Shampoo ($20): This sulfate-free, color-preserving, rich foaming cream weightlessly and thoroughly cleanses damaged or color-treated hair with benefit-driven ingredients.

Hydrophobicity-Enhancing Conditioner ($22): This rich clean-rinse cream formula brings vitality back to dry, damaged, color-treated hair without weighing it down. Scented with nourishing essential oils instead of artificial fragrance, the formula promotes bounce and vibrancy.

GET DEEP Follicular Elasticity Baume ($29): This nourishing baume helps restore true elasticity to hair that’s been damaged due to coloring, heat styling or aging, promoting healthy looking and feeling hair.

THE POWER OF NOW ~ IN COLOR Elasticity Color Infusion ($34): Put off your next visit to the salon a little longer with this color-boosting, anti-aging infusion finishing product. Available in three shades ~ Red, Honey and Brown ~ just a few drops of the formula enrich color while promoting elasticity and providing hold.

Volume-Friendly Glosser ($15): Developed with low molecular weight silicones, this shine-boosting formula fosters high-gloss radiance without weighing hair down.

STOP PUTTING UP WALLS Firm Yet Flexible Stylist Mist ($15): This fine-mist formula contains humidity-resistant flexible holding polymers that can be reapplied without flaking or creating build-up. Hydrolyzed wheat peptides help provide youthful bounce and maintain color tone.

HEALTHY BOUNDARIES Maximum Hold Treatment Hairspray ($23):  This maximum hold hairspray was developed with cold-pressed Neem Extract, a botanical ingredient that Indian women have used for centuries as a strengthening treatment. Unlike most damaging hairsprays, the unprecedented formula actually fortifies hair as it holds.

You can find Self-Help: Care of Ken Paves on QVC, and ULTA.

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