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Introducing Liz James Jewelry

By Elise French

style-introducing-liz-jame-copyThe balance of classic and modern style is one that so many strive to achieve. Liz James, the new line from designer Jamie Pope,  proves that is can be done…effortlessly. Pope has long been fascinated with the world of art and design. As the child of an artist, Pope saw early on how powerful and meaningful it is to create something. She began channeling her creativity into jewelry design, a passion she long dreamed of pursuing and sharing.

Women of all ages and styles have taken notice and become fans of this new line. The pieces are designed with today’s woman in mind ~ she wans to look fabulous in every phase of her day. There is a classic and timeless beauty to the pieces that gives them a more lasting feel. Transition is key for Liz James pieces, which is why each piece is wearable with casual or evening attire. There isn’t a pair of jeans or a cocktail dress that wouldn’t look great with a Liz James piece. Layering is quickly becoming one of the signature styles to come from Liz James. The necklaces are stunning and each one plays of the other when layered. The more you pile on the more chic it looks…really! And quality, quality, quality…truly exceptional quality is of the utmost importance to the team at Liz James. Each piece is handmade and checked thoroughly to ensure that it is made perfectly and durably. Although the jewelry is feminine and delicate, the craftsmanship and quality are strong.

There is much more to come from Liz James, soe on the lookout for more news and designs. Liz James jewelry can be purchased at

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