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How to get organized

It’s time to spring clean, and for many, that means getting organized. We all start spring with the best of intentions ~ to give our homes a good cleaning, to get rid of the clutter and to organize ourselves. After all, we want things to run smoothly so we can enjoy the summer. So you’ve got your goal, but how are you going to achieve it? These products may help you make life a little simpler.

The Apps | There are plenty of apps to help you get organized, but two are particularly useful.

PrintCooking Planit, the website and mobile app that provides home cooks with step-by-step instructions to create full meals and organize the meal planning process, has launched version 2 of its iOS app.  You can find a meal-planning calendar, the option to filter recipes by cook time, voice command (so you don’t have to touch your phone with dirty hands) and a feature that allows you to search based on the ingredients you have on hand. $2.99 for iPhone and Android; $4.99 for iPad.

skylinkThe Skylink HomeControl App allows you to turn you smartphone, tablet or PC into a remote control. Turn on fans, lamps, security systems and just about anything else electronic. With the touch of a button, you can shut off all of your lights or set up motion sensors to work with the system. The wireless system also uses timers to ensure that lights and electronic equipment can be shut off when they’re not needed. Dimmers also reduce energy usage, contributing to a greener environment and lower electricity bills. You just need to install a few wires to get started. For pricing and information, visit

The Gadgets | While there are plenty of products to help you get organized, these gadgets do the job by creating more space.

lifecycleThe Garden on Wheels by LifeCycle Gardens, LLC is a mobile, raised garden bed with a wheelbarrow design that offers adjustable-height gardening. It provides easy access to vegetable, herb or flower gardening, indoors or out.  The mobility of the Garden On Wheelz maximizes sunlight and space and is ideal for urban settings, patios, balconies or sunrooms in homes, apartments, school and after-school programs, assisted living facilities, nursing homes and more. $299,

The Cabidor is a multi-purpose storage and shelving system that cleverly and easily attaches to the hinges of any door to maximize living space and organize clutter. Cabidor’s unique design features an adjustable shelving and retention rod system that allows homeowners to customize storage space to match their unique needs. Cabidor has the storage space of more than five medicine cabinets and is ideal for storing bathroom supplies, pantry items, craft supplies, laundry and utility room materials, office supplies, beauty products, pet supplies and more. $129-$199,

Lolly DaisyThe Website | Didn’t think a website could help you get organized? How about one that can help you clean out clutter?

Mom and entrepreneur Kathy Schultz created a unique solution to the age-old problem of getting rid of personalized items with Lolly Daisy. Launched last December, Lolly Daisy is a website solely dedicated to helping connect sellers and buyers of new and gently used personalized and monogrammed kids’ items. From clothes, jewelry and toys to furniture, accessories and artwork, anything can be sold here, helping parents get a return on their investment and helping others find personalized items they’d otherwise not be able to afford.

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