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Home & Garden: Great Kitchenwear

By Merilee Kern

Consider this crop of tasty kitchen tchotchkes that’ll save time, hone culinary skills, promote safety and generally make cooking and cleanup more fun and efficient.

Sur La TableSur La Table’s Pizzeria Pronto ( ~ $299.95

Sur La Table will duly impress with flawless pizzas in as little as five minutes! This outdoor oven includes many innovative features, including dual cordierite stones, a reflective heat shield and a moisture vent that delivers mouth-watering pizzas every time. The Pizzeria Pronto portable pizza oven runs on propane, is easy to assemble and disassemble and preheats in just 10 minutes.

George Foreman 13-Serving Indoor/Outdoor Grill ( ~ $119.99

The George Foreman 13-Serving Indoor/Outdoor Grill is designed for those who want the ideal indoor/outdoor appliance to grill and roast lots of victuals ~ including whole birds ~ on a 200-square-inch surface. The item is perfect for patio grilling in apartments and condos where propane or charcoal are not allowed.

AnySharp Plus ( ~ $28

Stay on the cutting edge of everything that needs to be sliced and diced with the AnySharp Plus knife sharpener. The quick and easy AnySharp Plus, which uses tungsten carbide sharpening technology, will hone virtually any knife, whether it has a hard anodized or serrated blade. The top also has a useful scissor or blade sharpener.

Savora Oil Mister ( ~ $24.99

The Savora Oil Mister is a great help for healthy non-stick cooking, baking, grilling, roasting and basting and for dressing salads, vegetables and more. Cooks can easily control the amount of oil used with the non-aerosol, non-chemical and propellant-free mister.

Quirky PluckQuirky Pluck ( ~ $12.99

Make brunch a breeze thanks to Pluck, the cutest and coolest yolk extractor ever. Simply place it over the yolk of a cracked egg, squeeze the silicone bulb and release to suck the egg yolk up into it. This innovative kitchen product comes from Quirky, a social product development company that involves a global community of in-house designers and engineers that work with anyone around the world who wants to submit his or her own product idea and enjoy revenue sharing with Quirky when the products are brought to life.

The Snug ( ~ $17.99-$28.99

Never has a tiny silicone device done so much in the kitchen. The clever, Apple-esque Snug lets users affix a metal or wooden spoon to the edge of a hot pan or pot while cooking to keep the utensil at hand, clean and heat-free. The patent-pending Snug is made from an FDA-approved, heat-resistant, food-grade silicone material that prevents utensils from absorbing extreme heat.

Beatriz Ball Collection ( ~ $191 (cutting board)

When entertaining, any host or hostess of note will have a few signature pieces as part of his or her serving collection. The more artful, the better, which leads me to the Beatriz Ball Collection. These eco-friendly products are made of 100-percent recycled aluminum and never tarnish, so they do not require polish. What’s more, they can chill or warm foods up to 350 degrees. Two of my personal favorites from the collection are the Soho Charcuterie Cutting Board and the Vento Lola Pedestal.

copyright-trudeau-4Trudeau Aroma Aerating Pourer ( ~ $29.99

Hardened oenophiles and novice wine drinkers alike are sure to enjoy Trudeau’s Aroma Aerating Pourer, which allows wine to breathe, greatly enhancing its natural flavors. This well-engineered aerating pourer features an air intake system that aerates as the wine is poured. This brief touch provides the equivalent of 30 minutes of traditional decanting in mere seconds, allowing you to uncork, aerate and serve in seamless transition to satisfy those waiting to enjoy a glass of wine.

Oransi Fridge Air Purifier ( ~ $29

Everyone loves their refrigerator to smell its very best, and the Oransi Fridge Air Purifier completely kills fridge odors and bacteria, leaving food fresher, longer. This innovative air purifier works by cycling on and off and uses a microchip brain to detect when smells are present. No bigger than a large lemon, it can fit into any size refrigerator. And, there are no filters to buy and replace. The Oransi Fridge Air Purifier is eco-friendly, only uses two AA batteries and is made of fire-resistant ABS materials.

EnviroMate Pronto P7 ( ~ $99

When all of the culinary action is complete, keep the kitchen looking its best and your appliances and cookware functioning at their best with the EnviroMate Pronto P7 portable steam cleaner. With the power of steam, 15 attachments and a heat-up time of just two minutes, the handheld Pronto is a quick, eco-friendly and uber-effective alternative to cleaning the kitchen.

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