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Home & Garden: Bring touches of fall into your decor

It’s fall, and that means leaves, pumpkins and acorns are enlivening the outdoors. Take a cue from Mother Nature and make the colors and textures of fall part of your decorating scheme for Thanksgiving. has plenty of great tips to help you get started!

Bring outdoors in
pumpkins-1Fall is an especially easy season to decorate for because most of what we consider “fall-themed” is natural and easily attainable from just a quick trip outdoors. Go harvesting in your yard or a nearby woodsy area for some pinecones or acorns and incorporate them in your design. Fill mason jars with acorns and tealights for some autumn luminaries. Adorn a store-bought foam wreath with dozens of pinecones and finish with a warm-colored ribbon to add some fall color to your porch.

Get your grocery store décor
Stop by your local grocery and pick up a colorful selection of mini gourds. Effortlessly create topiaries for your garden or make arrangements for your mantel or tablescape using these seasonal motifs.

Reuse yearly
Don’t throw out your back or budget spending on a real pumpkin; get the plastic or styrofoam variety from the dollar store. They’re lightweight; easy to decorate with sparkles, paint or any type of material; and you can store them during the warmer months and bring them out each year.


Say it with burlap
For fall, burlap is actually considered quite fashionable, reminiscent of scarecrows in cornfields and the earthy tones of autumn. Try adding a couple swatches to your design, like burlap-, ribbon- and string-wrapped candles for your mantel.

Try fairy lights for ambiance
Fill a jar or glass bottle with a string of fairy lights and wrap it in burlap or decoupage it with fall-colored tissue paper, to capture some of that warm autumn ambiance. This is perfect for gentle porch lanterns or a mantle-type display.

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Use what you have
Repurposed wood and rustic furniture have a natural, cool-weather crispness to them. Utilize wooden crates or vintage pieces, like reclaimed lanterns, in your fall decor. Find belongings (like throw pillows or plates) in warm fall reds, oranges and yellows and incorporate them into your design.

Color your glass
Use a mixture of yellow and red food coloring and modpodge to paint mason jars and glass containers, and put tea lights in them for a sunset, stained-glass appeal that will fill your home with a warm fall glow

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