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Hem-Eze Is Making Hemlines and Headlines

style-side-hem-ezeBy Erin Hansen

Hem-Eze is a specially designed double-sided strip for temporary hemming needs. The trademark tag line of “”Wear High Heels this Morning and Sandals Tonight …with Hem-Eze®” describes how hemlines can be easily created and adjusted without any sewing. Hem-Eze is marketed for jeans, pants, dresses, skirts, children’s costumes, school uniforms, curtains, and many other uses.

Hem-Eze was founded by a budding entrepreneur, Debra Weisser, from a “”magic moment”” one afternoon in 2008. She had a common problem and developed a perfect solution. She wanted to wear a different height of heels with her favorite pair of jeans that evening and was in need of a temporary hem.  Necessity being the mother of invention, the concept of Hem-Eze came to her, hence the trademarked slogan. The product is made in the USA and defines the true essence of “”fashion flexibility.”

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