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Help loved ones stay safe

Manage pills with style
Designed as a stylish and secure solution to keeping medications and supplements organized and close at hand, Style Rx is a pill case designed for ease of use. The case was purposely designed to have a lower interior lip in order to provide easy-open access to the plastic pill box lids inside, regardless of the user’s dexterity. The uniquely designed case also provides an additional layer of protection for the medication by preventing the plastic pill box lids from accidentally opening. The Style Rx plastic pill box insert inside is washable and interchangeable. $38, inspiredbydawn.

Keep track of medication
One in four adults 65 and older take 10-19 pills each day. A whopping $290 billion is spent on avoidable medical expenses caused by lack of medication compliance. The Pocket Doctor can help avoid the dangerous consequences of forgotten medication doses with its individual alarm systems. Place one of four color- and number-coded bands around your medication bottles and set the corresponding colored timer. The device will continue to count up until the medication is taken and the alarm is turned off. If you miss a dose, the timer will continue to count up, telling you how long it has been since you should have taken the dose. $39.95,

Never eat spoiled food
FOODsniffer is the world’s first handheld, Bluetooth-enabled “electronic nose” that connects with iOS- and Android-powered tablets and smartphones. It works by sampling the air near the meat or fish and analyzing the sample using a unique algorithm based upon whether the product is beef, poultry, pork or fish. FOODsniffer returns one of three possible results: fresh, cook well or spoiled. FOODsniffer’s results are 80 percent to 95 percent accurate. FOODsniffer is particularly valuable because many of the volatile organic compounds emitted by spoiling food are odorless. As a result, meat and fish can be unsafe to eat, but still look and smell OK. $129.99,

Stop choking
Dechoker has launched a new anti-choking device that can clear an obstructed airway faster and easier than the age-old standard, the Heimlich maneuver. Choking is the leading cause of death in children younger than 5 and adults older than 65. The Dechoker is an easy-to-use device that is placed over the mouth and nose and creates suction to dislodge food or debris blocking a victim’s airway. The Dechoker also features a unique tube that holds the tongue back and puts the suction nearer to the airway opening. Dechoker is FDA tested and has been registered as a Class 1 medical device. The Dechoker can even be used when alone. $149.96,

Compression with style
Rejuva specializes in medical grade socks, knee-highs, pantyhose and stockings for men and women – with a difference. These socks are just as fashionable as they are effective. Graduated compression applies pressure that’s tightest at the ankle and lessens as it moves up the leg, promoting better blood flow. This, in turn, reduces feelings of heaviness and tiredness, relieves swelling and energizes fatigued legs. Rejuva is great for those suffering from medical conditions such as diabetes, blood clots, varicose and spider veins and other issues. Prices vary;

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