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Health and Beauty Expert Kathy Wright Helps YOU Make Better Choices

By Helen Trent

kathycmykThe beauty expert behind Frownies products (which have been featured in magazines such as Oprah, Good Housekeeping, and Body & Soul and endorsed by such beauties as Raquel Welch, Renee Russo, and countless others) reveals the inside secret to looking younger and feeling great with the release of her book Your Health in Your Hands; Living and Aging Well and the companion DVD Your Health in the Kitchen.

B. Kathy Wright is a Certified Nutritional Consultant, Certified Natural Health Professional, and holds Naturopath diplomas from Trinity College of Natural Health. Her experience in Quantum Bio-feedback and her 30 year study of living a health supportive lifestyle has turned her into the beauty and wellness expert she is today.

Learn how to be confident in food choices and watch that healthy glow grow! Your Health in Your Hands; Living and Aging Well  is all about how to change your thinking and take responsibility for lifestyle choices that impact the outward appearance. Working through the book will give readers the chance to assess where they are in their understanding of healthy living and learn how to achieve internal wellness and external beauty through better daily choices. As a life coach, Kathy understands that food is just one piece of the wellness puzzle and shares life changing actions with her readers.

The local health food store can be an obstacle course in itself. Where do newcomers to healthy living begin? What are the best things to look for in food? Don’t let the rows and rows of granola be a deterrent to making healthy decisions. Your Health in the Kitchen entertains and educates those who have had that overwhelmed feeling while wandering the aisles of a health food store. This DVD includes three hours of health supportive principles and shopping tips as well as ideas on how to prepare new health supportive foods with fantastic recipes. Ideas for healthy choices when eating out and ways to use leftovers to create nutritious and delicious lunches are included as Kathy shares what she has developed from her years of experience within the wellness and natural foods industry.

The Your Health…series will empower you to begin your own version of Health Care Reform.

Please visit for more on Kathy and the delightful history of Frownies, to review the entire line of products including the new book and DVD, and to order yours today!

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