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Ground-breaking SYN-AKE Cream

By Elise French

PrintSYN-AKE Cream from Maxima Rejuvenation contains the peptide SYN-AKE, making it the most revolutionary anti wrinkle cream on the market. This synthetic substance mimics snake venom activity, which blocks neurotransmitters that cause muscles to contract. The potent combination of active ingredients helps reduce the signs of aging by smoothing wrinkles in a short period.

SYN-AKE is an excellent anti-wrinkle active compound with a snake venom-like mode of activity. SYN-AKE smoothes mimic wrinkles in a short period.
As we go about our day to day lives, we utilize the muscles in our face to express ourselves to those around us. Frowning, smiling, laughter, and all of the hundreds of complex human emotions in between leave a lasting mark on our skin, which develops lines and wrinkles as a result of repeated muscular contraction needed to form our expressions. For centuries, people have sought solutions to combat or minimize the effect of these lines, wrinkles and crow’s feet, from astringents to moisturizers to Botox, a myriad of different treatments have been tried and some proven more successful than others.

Now, in the hazy, incense-infused heart of Malaysia, scientists have discovered the most effective method yet of reducing and banishing the lines and wrinkles caused by a lifetime of muscle contraction. Tropidolaemus wagleri, or the Temple Viper, its more common name, is a legendary species of snake found in the Snake Temple in Malaysia. The snakes are believed by the locals to be representatives of a deity and imbued with divine power. The venom of the Temple Viper is incredibly potent, acting to block neurotransmitters that cause muscles to contract, leading to paralysis and, ultimately, death.

Scientists investigating the properties of Temple Viper venom have managed to mimic the chemical structure and produce a synthetic, weakened version of the venom which works only to inhibit neuromuscular communication to a slight degree, creating a more powerful anti-wrinkle product than Botox. The synthetic venom, actually a tri-peptide, is known as Syn-ake, and formulated as a cream to be applied topically to areas where wrinkles are a problem, such as the forehead and around the eyes and mouth.

style-and-beauty-syn-ake-cream-malasian-temple-viperStudies have revealed that topical application of Syn-ake cream in concentrations of around 4% can reduce the size and severity of wrinkles by up to 50% in as little as four weeks, and 82% of subjects reported that their skin was smoother and in much better condition after using the synthetic snake venom cream.

The Syn-ake treatment works by lessening the amount of muscle contraction in the target area, rather than paralyzing it, meaning that it does not limit a person’s ability to express themselves, but simply reduces the damage caused as a result of the muscle contractions involved in doing so. The muscles work less, and therefore cause less damage to the elasticity of the skin, first preventing and then reducing the formation of the lines and wrinkles that are an otherwise unavoidable by-product of simply going about our lives.

Syn-ake synthetic snake venom has passed trials and tests to show its effectiveness and safeness, and has impressed skeptical scientists to the extent that it was awarded the prize for innovation at the Swiss Technology Awards, 2006.

Experienced beauty industry specialists are already describing this snake venom cream as one of the most important products to hit beauty therapy in years. Current snake venom aficionados include Gwyneth Paltrow, Ben Kingsley and Drew Barrymore, and boutiques have waiting lists months long for this hot new anti-aging treatment, where the rich and famous pay up to $185 an ounce for the age-defying magic of snake venom. Fortunately it’s available to you at a much more reasonable price.

As a cosmetic treatment, this synthetic snake venom is not only beautifying, but can also be psychologically improving and empowering, helping people with confidence issues and other appearance-based psychological disorders to get past their problems and begin enjoying life again. Certainly, as a means to considerably younger-looking skin in a short space of time, there can be few solutions as potent as synthetic snake venom.

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