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Go Ahead, Embrace Your Baldness and Save the Planet

5 Ecological Reasons Not to Fight Hair Loss

By Rick Garner

How many men do you know who are attempting to reverse or prevent baldness for purely aesthetic reasons? How many are spending fortunes on laser surgeries ~ or on special shampoos and pills that are so potentially toxic that pregnant women are warned not even to touch them? To all of these men, I suggest the following: being bald is actually better for the environment. Now how can I utter such a statement? Well, read on…here are 5 eco-friendly reasons to relax and let the baldness happen.

  1. Shampoos Some shampoos, conditioners and soaps release chemicals into our water supply. Translation? Potential harm to aquatic life. In other words, the less shampoo, the less contamination, the more underwater plant and fish life, and the happier the planet.

  1. Plumbing Hair is the leading cause of plumbing problems (no kidding) and many of the clog-removal products are very, very eco-damaging. No hair to clog the drain? No chemicals needed to get rid of the clog.

  1. Styling Gels/Mousse/Hairspray Although the days of almost all products containing chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs) are behind us, styling “assistants” are a whole lot of packaging for very little product. If there’s nothing on your head to style, you’ll be doing your part to save the planet (not to mention keeping some extra money in your pocket).

  1. Saving Water You can save water by not having to wash your hair. You will also be a faster swimmer

  1. No side effects All the pill options available to reverse or prevent baldness have side effects ~ and negative ones at that. There are no side effects to just being bald.

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