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Give the Gift of a Green Spirit from

Makana Candle Studios

By Steph Moore

With the release of their 100% pure soy candles, Makana Candle Studios is expanding their reputation for creating deliciously scented and eco-friendly candles.

Not all soy candles are created equal. While soy products are touted as the healthy alternative to traditional candles, they can actually contain as little as 25% of soy wax with the rest composed of potentially unsafe ingredients, such as, the petroleum by-product paraffin.

What makes a company like Makana Candle Studios unique, is their dedication to using quality ingredients in the traditional artisan way. In order to create a completely toxin free and green candle, each material is hand selected and blended in small batches in order to control the outcome of each and uphold their standard of quality craftsmanship.

All Makana candles contain 100% soy wax that is non-GMO, pesticide free, FDA approved, certified kosher, and vegan. They are also composed of all-natural cotton wicking, phthalate-free fragrances that are blended with essential oils, and eco-friendly packaging made from 90% recycled fiber and 80% post-consumer paper. Candles do not contain lead, paraffin, dyes, or phthalates and the packaging is completely biodegradable, compostable, and recyclable.

The spirit of Hawaii and the desire to live a green and helpful lifestyle have a special place in the creations of husband and wife team Josh and Romely Levezow, the founders of Makana Candle Studios.

The signature line boasts intoxicating scents reminiscent of the islands. The smell of the rain, the jasmine blossom, or the ocean has the ability to awaken memories of times and places spent in relaxation and happiness.

The Lulu candle line was inspired by Romely’s Hawaiian name Kahalulu meaning “to create a vibration in the earth.” Romely has been involved with animal shelters, and created this line to spread awareness for animals and personal responsibility towards the environment. The candle features an adorable rabbit and scents that remind one of the sweet fruits and flowers of a home garden.

In order to give back to the community and inspire awareness, the HOPE line was created.  For each candle sold through retail, Makana Candle Studios donates 40% of the proceeds to a special cause.  Choose to help with AIDS, Animal Abuse and Neglect, Breast Cancer, Cancer, or Environmental Causes.

Since 2007, Makana Candle Studios has been working to promote the health of individuals and the environment. The name Makana comes from the Hawaiian word for “gift,” and their goal is to give the world the gift of safe green living.

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