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Getting ready to spring clean?

Spring CleaningTime to open up the windows that have been shut all winter and give the house a good cleaning! Here are some products that will get you started.

Peachy Clean Silicone Scrubbers are uniquely designed to resist most odors caused by bacteria, mold and mildew. Made in the USA, these soft silicone dish scrubbers will replace sponges and other kitchen rags with technology that promotes antimicrobial odor protection, and they even smell like peaches. $6.99 each, three for $18.99;

Spring CleaningSave water
Spring is a good time to check over appliances and fixtures, too. Looking to replace your shower head? Eva Smart Shower utilizes a smartphone app and Bluetooth technology as well as sensors that monitor time in the shower, water temperature and water flow. It helps decrease water usage by 50 percent. For instance, if you turn on the shower and are still busy in the bathroom when your ideal temperature is reached, Eva shuts the water flow off until you actually get in the shower. If you step away from the shower head to shampoo your hair, the sensors will detect that and the shower flow will ease, while still keeping you nice and warm. When you are directly underneath the shower head again, wetting your hair or rinsing off soap, Eva sets your water flow to 100 percent. Eva is still launching and can be pre-ordered at

Spring CleaningPolish
Re-define your shine with the Buffer Bit. Simply attach the Buffer Bit to any cordless drill to polish just about anything. The Buffer Bit works on everything from your shoes to your car. The kit comes with one drill bit, three wool buffing pads and a storage tube. $24.99;

Urbio is an innovative new way to organize your living space and add a little life to it. Urbio is a wall-mounted magnetic gardening kit that represents an interesting solution to the physical limits of the modern urban home by transforming any wall or ferrous surface into a beautiful vertical garden. Each pot is made of eco-plastic and is equipped with large neodymium magnets that are strong enough to hold almost anything to the wall. Prices vary;

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