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Getting Fit Comfortably

By Sarah Deschene

It’s that time of year when the snow is melted and the crocuses are blooming! Time to put that springtime fitness program into action! Here are some helpful ideas to get started safely and comfortably.

There are many outdoor activities to choose from to get you moving and build upon your fitness level. Whichever one (or ones) you may decide upon, one thing is necessary: proper footwear. As comfortable and appealing as lightweight tennis shoes may be when the weather gets warmer, they are not a good option for your outdoor fitness activities.

When looking for a shoe in which to do your walking, hiking, or jogging, it is very important to go for quality. It is a good idea to head to a store that will check your gait, measure you, and fit you with the appropriate shoe for the specific activity. This thoroughness might sound a bit excessive, but a good shoe is capable of keeping away the back and knee pain that plagues many of us and keeps us from enjoying the physical activities that we want as part of our routine!

A favorite warm weather activity for all is, of course, getting outdoors and walking. The Blackstone Valley Heritage State Park in Uxbridge, MA is my pick this spring for the ultimate scenic walk. This park has canoe and kayak rentals, picnic areas, and miles of scenic walking and biking paths. It is also a favorite for those who enjoy watching for wildlife. The walking trails wind along the historic Blackstone Canal, built between 1829 and 1848. Most of the canal’s structures are now gone, but there are some remains of dams and bridges. This historic site has a clean visitors’ center with restrooms. The park is a beautiful destination for a daytime hike, bike, canoe or kayak trip. The Blackstone Canal is a wonderful way to add an invigorating afternoon of exercise to your springtime ~ So lace up those (well-fitted) walking shoes, and head outside!

For more information, please contact

River Bend Farm Visitors Center

Blackstone River and Canal
Heritage State Park

287 Oak St., Uxbridge
508 278-7604

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