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Geekorize transforms your iPad or iPhone into something more

Geekorize’s Geek Seekers have identified their favorite iPad and iPhone keyboard options that, according to Geekorize Vice President of Product Development Steve Shumway, “…truly transform iPads into fully functioning work or entertainment centers.”  Here are their Top 5 picks:45120_lrg

The Keyboard Buddy Case ($69.95) by Boxwave Corp.: The case offers a slide-out, Bluetooth QWERTY keyboard that adds only ¾ inch to the iPhone 4’s already slim profile.

The WorkStation ($144.95) by iLuv: This mac daddy of a keyboard takes the delicate-looking iPad and converts it into a behemoth of a desktop with the help of a slide-out keyboard, a sophisticated audio system and an articulating stand that accommodates horizontal or vertical display.

The Bluetooth Keyboard Case ($99.95) by Accessory Workshop: This Bluetooth-enabled case (available in brown or black) offers extra command and shortcut keys for the iPad, as well as custom keyboard layout with equally proportioned shift keys and a push-button on/off connect.

The Limited Edition Bluetooth Keyboard Case ($99.95)
by Accessory Workshop: This limited edition offers the same extra command and shortcut keys as the standard Bluetooth Keyboard Case, but is available in a lightweight simulated carbon fiber to provide extra durability.

The Portfolio Jacket ($99.95) by iLuv: With its faux-leather folder designed to hold the iPad horizontally and a detachable Bluetooth keyboard below, this unique accessory instantly transforms the iPad into a virtual laptop.

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