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Gail Feldman, PhD’s Midlife Crash Course: The Journey From Crisis To Full Creative Power

By Lynn N. Capri

A PhD trauma counselor shares her intimate experience of loss and life transitions, empowering women to ultimately take control of their destiny.

Midlife Crash Course: The Journey from Crisis To Full Creative Power is the compelling story of a psychologist’s personal journey from trauma and depression to resilience, joy and wisdom. In this rare first-hand account from a mental health professional, readers get to know with Dr. Feldman, Ph.D as she draws on the many tools of her profession ~ including the new Positive Psychology and Energy Medicine ~ to heal herself.

books-midlife-crash-feldma-copyMidlife is a time of crisis for millions of women.   Because people  are living so much longer, the “new” midlife is now three decades long ~ 40s, 50s and 60s ~ with many women juggling the care/needs of four generations: parents, children, grandchildren, spouses, and lastly, themselves.   According to the author, simply losing one’s youth can be a difficult passage, but losing health, love relationships, and the communities we have fostered for so many years can have devastating effects on our health, emotions and wellbeing. For women to know they’re on a journey of great significance, not the dead-end road of life, brings hope and awareness of the ways a woman can empower herself to create the final and most inspirational chapters of her own story.

Midlife Crash Course is an inspirational missive for women who have been stopped, stunned, left, lost, or wounded ~ women who wonder what’s next. As well-known and respected author Lisa Lenard-Cook says, “Midlife Crash Course has the potential to be an Eat Pray Love for the menopausal woman.”

Midlife Crash Course: The Journey From Crisis To Full Creative Power By Gail Feldman, Ph.D
ISBN 13: 978-1-936467-03-7
288 Pages
Price: $17.95
Publication Date: August 9, 2011
Published by Vantage Point

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