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For the Grandkids: October 2016

For the Grandkids: October 2016

Finn + Emma
Welcome to the land of Finn + Emma. A land where sustainability, fair trade and organically grown cottons live. But Finn + Emma collections aren’t just sustainable, they are also contemporary, whimsical and sophisticated. Perfect for your trendy grandchild! From the Hipster Collection to the Robot Collection, Finn & Emma offers a variety of stylish themes to fit your baby’s personality. Each collection offers one-pieces, bodysuits, pants, tops, pajamas, bandana bibs, toys (stroller toys, teething rattles, teething ears, rattle buddies, pacifier holders, teething rings and play gyms) and more. For more information, visit

Meet your baby’s new best friends – Eli the Elephant, Gus the Giraffe and Leo the Lion. These fun toy keys are made of non-toxic stainless steel and will satisfy your child’s desire to play with metal keys without the hazards of lead contamination, sharp edges or the daily grime that come with the keys in the bottom of your diaper bag. And they jingle just like your keys! Your grandchild’s name and birthdate can be personalized on the back, making the Kleynimals a special keepsake baby shower, new baby or first birthday gift. Kleynimals donates 1 percent of every purchase to Healthy Child, Healthy World and another 1 percent to World Wildlife Fund. The company also enlists the help of The Providence House, a nonprofit organization that supports developmentally disabled adults in living self-directed lives, for the assembly and tagging of products. For more information, visit

Clean Router
With kids back to school, they will be using the power of the Internet on computers or mobile devices more often now. And while the wealth of knowledge is great for school projects, it can sometimes land them in trouble. For example, if a child accidentally clicks that X-rated spam pop-up or a seemingly innocent link that redirects to something you would never want them to see. If you’ve got grandkids on the Internet at your home, you want to protect them. The Clean Router is a five-layer filtering router that has preset and customizable parental settings that filter out content. The Clean Router, easy to use, plugs into any modem and will protect every device that connects to the home’s Wi-Fi network, unlike apps and software that only safeguard the device on which the program is downloaded. For more information, visit

The Greyson Gray series
Making reading fun may be the best way to get young boys engaged with books – and with The Greyson Gray Series, middle school teacher-turned-author and youth group mentor B.C. Tweedt aims to do just that. Centered on quirky boy-hero Greyson Gray and his loyal group of friends, The Greyson Gray Series has been called “a high-octane thrill fest” by Publishers Weekly, “always entertaining” by Kirkus Reviews and “genuinely funny… with clever and intelligent wit” by Foreword Clarion. Rubicon is the fourth installment in the series and takes young readers on another action-packed journey to save the world. With fun, sarcastic characters, witty humor and a unique spin on our present-day world, Greyson Gray: Rubicon is a must for your grandson. For more information, visit

Abiie Highchair
A chair that grows with your child – is it possible? With Abiie’s versatile highchair, your baby will have a place to sit for a lifetime. Toddlers can use it all the way into their adulthood, helping save major money in the long run. Furnished with a dual-restraint system that can be adjusted for five-point or three-point, your grandchild will be safe. Need an extra chair at your holiday party? Transform Abiie’s highchair into standard seat in less than 20 seconds. Beautifully crafted and made from top-quality European beech wood, it can easily blend in with any home décor. Cleaning is hassle-free, with its waterproof seat cushion and one-hand removable tray that can be easily thrown into the dishwater. For more information, visit

Hugaboo Baby Seat
Grandparents love snuggling and cuddling their little ones, but sometimes they need to put them down. The Hugaboo Baby Seat offers the comfort, support and all the security your grandbaby needs. Infants can comfortably watch their surroundings and develop sensory and motor skills instead of lying on their back staring at the ceiling. They’ll also gain a little independence while you gain peace of mind knowing they’re safe and comfortable. This seat is for babies who can support their own heads – 3-8 months. For more information, visit

Third Kind
Tote your toddler around in style with Third Kind lights! Designed in the United States, Third Kind lights are perfect for adding some flair to your grandchild’s stroller. Whether you’re going on an evening run or a nighttime family outing, Third Kind Lights will brighten your path every time you take your grandchild out on the town or the neighborhood. Water-resistant and rechargeable, ultra-bright LEDs provide added safety and style every time you put your grandchild in a stroller, rain or shine. For more information,

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