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For the Grandkids: October 2014

grandkidsblockerProtection from blowouts. Tired of up-the-back blowouts? The Blowout Blocker is an extension to a standard diaper, reaching up the back of the baby. It is intended to protect against soiling clothes, bedding, car seats, carpets, etc., from diaper messes. It contains the mess for fast, easy and stress-free cleanup. Created by Melanie Miller, a mother of three boys who was tired of dealing with those messy blowouts, this is great to have on hand for visits from your younger grandchildren. $12.95,

Keep faucets safe for the grandkids. Aqueduck Single Handle Extender attaches to the faucet and controls hot and cold water flow and keeps the water temperature just right! The fun extender makes it easy for kids to access water and is a great safety feature to eliminate reaching and climbing to grasp the handles. Like many moms, Susanna Lee wanted to make sure her young boys are safe during bath time. Her line now includes the Single Handle Extender and Double Handle Extender, which allow kids to reach the knobs on the faucet. $15.99,

grandkidscitruslaneKeep toys on hand for little ones. Citrus Lane is a mom-curated monthly gift box subscription club for babies and kids up to 5 years old. From $19-$29 per month, each box includes four to five products that are rated and reviewed by moms and tailored to the age and stage of child growth. From educational toys and fun bath products to bibs and blankets, Citrus Lane narrows down the best products to help parents (or grandparents) discover favorite new goodies for their little loved ones. It even includes insight as to why each product was recommended. $19-$29 per month,

Teach kids about going green. A new book from Disney’s Mickey & Friends Collection, Go Green! A Family Guide to a Sustainable Lifestyle, encourages children and families to learn about the concept of sustainability and the changes they can make in their own daily lives. Jam-packed with fun facts, tips and unique green activities, Go Green! takes readers through detailed green practices that include understanding your ecological footprints; the three Rs of sustainability (Reduce, Reuse, Recycle); creating seasonal crafts; the importance of eating locally; how to grow your own organic garden; and so much more. $12.99,

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