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For the Grandkids: June 2014

JigglitJigglit offers a new take on a classic

At first glance, the Jigglit Answer Band appears to be a colorful ordinary watch ~ and it does indeed double as a digital watch when not in jiggle use. But this is no ordinary watch. Once set up and attached to the wrist, a user simply asks the Jigglit any question, then a quick jiggle of the wrist prompts a fun, and sometimes surprising, response to the query. The rechargeable unit is loaded with 23 various Jigglit answers that play randomly as the unit is jiggled. Jigglits come is a wide array of colors;

FriendeshaBooks offer lessons on friendship

In the new Friend Ship Friendesha series, author Joe Scott, co-author Andy Wolfendon and illustrator R. Boone offer a bright new take on going positive, with palpable benefits for aliens, people and planets, too. Friendeshans area lovable race of beings that spread friendship and their own special brand of positive energy known as pozzi-power throughout the galaxy. Alas, it isn’t long before the Friendeshans encounter the Oily Spoilies, creatures that thrive on meanness and negativity and who delight in spreading their nastiness to every planet they can find. They squirt their invisible oil on people and beings to make them mad, bad and sad. As the series unfolds, the Friendeshans work their pozzi-power on planet Earth, unseen by most humans. For more information on the stories, go to

RabbidsRabbids invade toy stores

Famed artist and toy designer, Todd McFarlane, has launched a hilarious line of Rabbids Invasion toys and collectibles available now at nearly 2,000 Walmart stores and Toys R Us stores nationwide. The new line from McFarlane Toys is based on the Ubisoft Rabbids video game franchise and Nickelodeon’s hit TV Series, Rabbids Invasion. From the ultimate prank tool, the Plunger Blaster, to adorable and funny plush and feature-driven mini figures, Rabbids fans are sure to smile. For more information, visit

UnalibriBuy a shirt, give a book

One in four kids in the USA will grow up without learning to read. A major contributor to this illiteracy problem is a lack of access to books. Unalibri is helping to solve problem and promote literacy, one book at a time. With shirts and bags spouting a clear message ~ Read ~ the company allows you to promote literacy to your grandchildren. Even better, for every product you buy, Unalibri will donate one book to a child in the U.S. That’s good for everyone. For more information, visit

Safe Email for Kids’s service can make it easier to allow your grandchildren to learn about technology while still being safe. With a safe and easy to use email interface, children will be able to keep in contact with friends and family members, but are protected from interactions with strangers and spam. Tweens and Teens will appreciate the teen login feature at, which not only loses the Kids Email name, but also boasts age-appropriate graphics. With parental controls, spam filtering and many useful features, adults can decide how much control to give children when communicating with others online. For more information,

Easy Daysies offers up simple routines

Help children understand routines and responsibilities with the new magnetic scheduler called Easy Daysies.  Developed by a teacher, the Getting Ready Routine Kit is great to help families get out the door without forgetting important tasks.  The At School Kit helps teachers keep students on task. There is also a kit for after-school activities. Help your child stay organized with Easy Daysies! For more information, visit

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