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For the Grandkids: January 2016

1. Cannybots
Cannybots are smart toy robots that teach kids about robotics, programming, design and 3D printing while they are playing. Children receive a construction kit for their Cannybot, which contains all the parts and detailed instructions to build their robot. The robots can then be programmed and controlled from phone, tablet, PC or a Raspberry Pi. Once built and programmed, the bots can be used in a number of play scenarios such as high-speed racing, time trials, sumo wrestling, jousting and puzzle-solving. Prices vary,

2. FeverFrida
In the first year of life, you can expect your grandchild to get sick between eight and 12 times. The FeverFrida takes a child’s axillary (armpit) temperature every 4 seconds, so parents and baby can sleep soundly without interruptions. Set the temperature (in the app) to a certain point, and an alarm will then go off, alerting parents if baby’s temperature reaches that number. The app tracks when medication was administered to remind parents when children are due for another dose via text or email. $69.99,

3. Chewbeads
Chewbeads, the award-winning collection of silicone, non-toxic teething jewelry and accessories for moms and babies, now offers teething rings inspired by the Zodiac signs. Made from 100 percent silicone, Zodies are fun and functional item to help soothe babies’ sore gums while showing off their birth sign. Zodies are sold in exclusive packaging that features descriptions of each sign and the traits and attributes that make them each special. $14.50,

4. Guardian Bikes
According to the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission, children ages 5-14 are seen in emergency rooms for more biking-related injuries than any other sport. Guardian Bicycle Company is launching a new line of children’s bicycles with a number of safety features. Guardian’s SureStop brakes help prevent front-wheel lockup and dangerous forward flipping. The brake lever is made specifically for kids, with an adjustment screw that brings the lever closer to the handlebar for small hands. The design of the Guardian Bike line makes it harder for the bike to tip over and injure the child, making it easier for them to learn to ride from the start. $399,

5. MD Moms
Eczema is a chronic problem affecting 35 million Americans, 70-percent of which are children younger than 5. Developed by pediatrician moms, MD Moms is one of the few non-prescription skincare brands approved by the National Eczema Association. If your grandchild has eczema, check out MD Moms 2-in-1 shampoo/body wash and cleansing towelettes, which gently clean the skin and retain baby’s natural oils. MD Moms skin creams and balms improve redness, dryness and itchiness, making the skin more supple and decreasing the need for prescription topicals. Prices vary,

6. Milestone Toddler Cards
Parents often are apprehensive about the rebellious behavior that is the toddler stage – but these years are filled with memorable moments for parents and grandparents. From proudly displaying first pieces of artwork from pint-size Picassos to celebrating the first night in their toddler beds, easily capture, snap and share your grandchild’s accomplishment with family and friends. Designed by French artist Tinou Le Joly Sénoville, the cards feature fun, graphic elements reminiscent of children’s picture books. $24,

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