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For the Grandkids: August/September 2015

Little Balance Box
The Little Balance Box helps children learn how to transition from sit to kneel to stand to learning to walk! Great for the grandparents’ house, the Little Balance Box allows children to use their forearms in a variety of positions. The floating feet provide feedback during transitions from kneeling to standing and also allow the Little Balance Box to seamlessly move with your grandchild across various surfaces. It can an also be used as a toddler table. The Little Balance Box is BPA- and PVC-free, has a clear drum top so children can observe their feet and make percussive sounds, and has rounded corners. $69.99,

Planning to take your grandchild on a plane? FlyeBaby is a one-of-a-kind infant airplane seat designed for face-to-face interaction between you and your grandbaby during the cruise portion of the flight. (It is not for use during taxi, take-off, landing or turbulence). FlyeBaby simply attaches around your waist and to the seat in front of you, creating a comfortable hammock-style seat that safely supports your grandchild. FlyeBaby’s color-coded straps make it easy to set up, and it has a five-point harness for safety. Its convenient, hands-free design allows you to easily tend to your grandchild while he/she relaxes or sleeps peacefully through the flight. $49.95,

Want to be able to use the back seat of your car when your grandchildren aren’t with you? BubbleBum uses inflatable technology to keep children safe while offering you convenience. This inflatable booster seat makes travel easy for kids 4-11. Weighing in at less than 1 pound, BubbleBum can deflate in minutes, making it simple to throw in the trunk or in a backpack or handbag. Plus, it’s possible to fit three boosters across the back seat of a car, minivan or SUV. BubbleBum meets all U.S. safety standards for booster seats. It’s the perfect travel companion! $29.99, Also available at Walmart.

My Job Chart
My Job Chart is a free, easy-to-use online and mobile job chart that teaches children the importance of work ethic, accountability and money management. Grandparents or parents can easily create various jobs for a child to complete – such as cleaning the dishes or making the bed – and assign various rewards to each task. Children can work toward earning a purchased item through a retail store, set up a savings account at the bank of your choice, or donate their allowance to various charities. Adults receive instant notifications by email or text message when a child marks a task completed and are alerted when a reward is earned. Free,

Mixed Chicks
Tired of fighting with your grandchild as you comb out his or her hair after a shower? Mixed Chicks, which has long offered hair care for adults, now has a line for children! Mixed Chicks hair care line for kids features a lineup of products that are natural, gluten-free and paraben-free. Mixed Chicks Kids works for all types of hair and offers shampoo, conditioner, leave-in conditioner and detangler. Starting at $11,

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