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For the Grandkids: April 2015

For the grandkidsGames for everyone
Blue Orange Games, a designer and manufacturer of tabletop/family games, has announced a new product lineup, including both educational and family fun games. New in the family lineup is Spot it! Numbers and Shapes Disney Frozen Olaf (3 and older), Gobblet Gobblers (6 and older), Ring It! (6 and older), Color Clash (7 and older) and Crab Stack (8 and older). Plus, the Super Genius collection of educational matching games can help little learners practice important academic concepts in fun and engaging ways. Depending on the version you choose, children can look for a match between an image and a word or a mathematic equation and its product or sum. Prices vary. For more information, visit

GRANDKIDSAlleryReliefStop allergies naturally 
Allergy season is upon us! For many families, this unfortunately means months of sneezing, congestion, teary eyes and an itchy throat. The only thing worse than going through this yourself is watching your grandchildren suffer through the same symptoms, constantly sniffling, scratching and rubbing their eyes, just to make it through the day. Kids Relief Allergy Oral Liquid will help relieve your child of allergy symptoms, including congestion, sneezing and itchy throat, eyes, ears and skin. Its homeopathic formula makes it safe for kids of all ages – even infants – without worrying about the risk of overdose, harmful side effects or drug interaction. Kids Relief’s also has a great-tasting banana flavor. Kids Relief Allergy Oral Liquid retails for $8.99 and can be purchased at CVS.

GRANDKIDSHeadrestTravel in comfort
Grandparents, you’ve watched your grandchildren fall asleep in the car, and then you hit a bump, turn a corner or go around a sharp curve. The children have a case of “noodleneck,” and their heads fall over, causing them to slump over or knock heads with their sibling. Now, with the Cardiff Travel Headrest, your grandchildren can keep their heads upright and comfortable. With a flexible design fitting users of all sizes (including adults), the Cardiff Travel Headrest comfortably aligns children’s heads and bodies upright in the seat as they sleep. It is instant comfort for children riding in cars and prevents neck pain caused by being slumped forward or to the side. Retailing for $49.99, the Cardiff Travel Headrest is available at

GRANDKIDSKidLidProtect your laptop
Last year alone, consumers spent almost $3 billion replacing and repairing laptops, tablets and smartphones as a result of damage caused by children. The Kid Lid is a unique new solution that provides a stable surface to defend against inadvertent spills and resist the pounding of even the most rambunctious child. Kid Lid products protect computer keys from unwanted typing that disrupts movies, games and video chats, as well as the removal of keys by small fingers. The Kid Lid is currently available in two different versions: Protect and Fold Up. Both products were created with real kids in mind and are made of BPA-free polycarbonate plastic and universally created for 13-inch and 15-inch Mac and PC laptop computers. The Kid Lid Protect Board ($29) and Fold up Board ($39) are available for purchase at

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