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For The Grandkids

By Lynn N. Capri

Pumpkin Masters

Pumpkin Masters carving kits and accessories offer easy and creative ways to decorate pumpkins, whether you’re a beginner or seasoned pro. Below are six bewitching products, brand new for the fall:

“Follow You” Eyes: Attach these glow-in-the-dark pumpkin eyes that watch your every move! The special shape of the eyes creates an optical illusion, so it seems like they are following you as you walk by.

It’s Alive! Pumpkin Light: Shaped like a spooky brain, this pumpkin light uses three bright red LEDs to bring your creation to life. The LEDs slowly pulse on and off, creating the effect that your pumpkin has a mind of its own!

Kids Monster Pieces: A safe and mess-free way to get youngsters excited about decorating! Kids can create their very own monster by inserting eye, mouth, nose and ear parts in the skin of the pumpkin.

Kids Pumpkin Sticker Kit: Mix and match 60 full color stickers to create an endless variety of silly and scary faces.

Monster Pumpkins: This kit includes tools and patterns that are perfect for carving extra large, jumbo pumpkins (24” and larger).

Vintage Pumpkin Carving Kit: Step back in time with the retro patterns of this vintage carving kit.

Kits and accessories are available at major retailers and grocery stores nationwide, with a suggested retail price of $2.99 – $4.99.  www.yankeeharvest.com also offers the basic Pumpkin Masters products.

MYYOUNGCHILD.ORG New Listen Along Stories About Values Help Children Learn To Read

a web site of free online stories which teach values to children 3-7, has added a new component to the site: the 16 beautifully illustrated stories now have an audio component. “We wanted to give parents and teachers the option to either read these stories aloud to their children, or to listen to the stories with them,” said Wilbur S. Edwards, President of the non-profit Early Parenting Foundation.  The read-aloud feature adds an important component to the site: listening to a story while reading along is a valuable way for children to learn how to read. With repeated ‘read-alouds,’ children begin to pick out and recognize the words of a story, especially with the guidance of a loving parent, caregiver or teacher. Reading stories out loud to children develops children’s oral development, an important stepping stone to reading. The read-along feature will also enable children to read the story on their own, after they have initially read it with an adult.



The site has grown in popularity since its launch three years ago. Many parenting and religious organizations list MyYoungChild.org as a valuable resource and the site has become popular with educators, who link their classroom website to the site. In the last month alone, people from over seventy different countries visited MyYoungChild.org. Additionally, the site has 1,705 followers on Twitter, primarily parents who want to share it with others. MyYoungChild.org has also garnered attention from the press for the innovative, fresh quality of the stories and the illustrations, which teach children values in simple terms.

Some of the topics the stories deal with are: learning right from wrong, sharing at school, respecting friends and grandparents, telling the truth, being fair and responsible, developing patience, dealing with bullies, showing good manners, understanding why people pray and more. Each story is followed by parenting tips targeted to specific social and ethical skills—tips that explain to parents at what age children can understand different moral concepts, how to talk to their children about these issues, and examples of  how parents can help their children develop values and ethics. A 3-minute online video illustrates through pictures and quotations the rewards of parenting, and is ideal to be used in a school setting with parents. All the materials on MyYoungChild.org can be downloaded and used freely with children, parents and educators.

MyYoungChild.org is a non-profit site developed by the Early Parenting Foundation. It was begun by Wilbur S. Edwards, a recent retiree from a long career in the educational video production market, who felt strongly that certain values were lacking in our society. He enlisted Nancy Morgan, an educational consultant, and Holly Bell, a preschool teacher and illustrator, to create the online stories. “Our stories give parents and teachers the tools so they can discuss important values with children such as honesty, integrity, respect, and civility—values that are so needed in our society today. Now we’ve added a reading component—which is critical for children’s success,” says Edwards.

For more information, visit MyYoungChild.org.
My Toy Tote Portable Toy Chest
A Handy Helper For Grandparents & Kids

It’s a unique new product created by a mom for other moms, and serves multiple uses for kids, parents, grandparents and child care providers alike. The My Toy Tote Portable Toy Chest was designed to keep all toys contained in one easy-to-carry pail. It makes it simple to transport small items from place to place and makes toy cleanup a snap. Little toy parts, puzzle pieces, collectibles, cards and more are all contained in the My Toy Tote, keeping things nice and neat for kids and parents.

My Toy Tote

My Toy Tote

Lightweight and easy to carry, it is a great mother’s helper, keeping children’s items in an easily accessible container. The My Toy Tote was invented by a creative mother for easy use by parents, grandparents and kids alike. It is ideal to tote kid’s favorite toys and belongings to a playmate’s or grandparent’s house, or a daycare home. The My Toy Tote is 12 inches wide and 11 inches deep and is the perfect size for a child to keep their favorites possessions. The My Toy Tote comes in an attractive bright yellow color, with cute colorful graphics and is equipped with an “EZ-Off” lid that is secure yet simple enough for a child to open.

The versatile My Toy Tote is also ideal for storing and carrying toys for pets and the beach too. The My Toy Tote sells for $7.99 and is available at: http://argeecorp.com/HTML/mytoytote.htm

Toy tossing has come to a stylish end!

Finally ~ a simple solutions for on-the-go families. Pippalily’s stylish toy straps keep baby’s favorites off the ground. Simply Velcro one end to a car seat, stroller, carrier, and/or shopping cart and the other end to a teether, sippy cup, toy…and the list goes on….The straps are non-toxic and available in funky patterns. Visit www.pippalily.com to view these and other practical child-friendly items.

Tween Bling is the New Thing!

Smart Mom Jewelry is expanding their shop with some funky pre-teen favorites.

Tween Bling was made for and by girls; it was designed by Alice and Julia, two ten year olds with a vision. They wanted to create pretty yet functional jewelry for all the other hair twirling, pencil chewing, fidgety, and stylish young girls like them. What they came up with is a fun line of safe jewelry that is not only fashionable, but extremely practical! Choose from funky patterns, bold colors, and stylish designs to complement your granddaughter’s inner style. The jewelry is soft and flexible so girls can pull on it and play with it like a stress ball, giving their hands something to do when they’re feeling antsy. They can even chew on it without fear of harmful chemicals. It’s a great training tool to get girls who play with their hair and like to put it in their mouths to stop (and what mom wouldn’t love that). Don’t worry about toxic materials found in some kids’ accessories; all pieces are made from an FDA approved silicone that is phthalaes, PVC, BPA, lead, and latex free ~ and even dishwasher safe!

Some of the line is even scented ~ Berry, Mango, Peach, and Pineapple are just a few of the fruity, flirty scents available.

Every piece comes equipped with an adjustable cord so each girl can find the perfect fit, and the jewelry can grow with its wearer.



There’s also a stylish line of key chains that are perfect for putting on backpacks and showing off.

Smart Mom Jewelry has garnered significant media attention nationwide and their products are a huge Hollywood favorite with celebrities like Tiffany Amber Theisen, Chole Moretz, Melissa Joan Hart, Lou Diamond Phillips, Denise Richards and many more. Smart Mom Jewelry is an iParenting Media Award Winner, Mom’s Best Award Winner, and ptpamedia Award Winner. Find them in retailers worldwide as well as online at www.smartmomjewelry.com.

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