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For the Grandkids

Bopo Digi-Nail Studio
Here’s the answer for the grandchild that’s always asking for help with her nails. Bopo’s Digi-Nail Studio enables you to design, print and apply any image right onto your nails and finish it with the included nail file and topcoat. Nail art can be tedious and take time and skill to master. The Digi-Nail Studio replaces the conventional approach of using fine brushes, an arsenal of polish and countless hours to create custom nail art designs with a user-friendly and interactive digital application that is free to download.

Grand Trunk Junior Hammock
Looking for the perfect gift for the young adventurer? Grand Trunk offers a Junior Hammock collection designed for children 6-16. Take it on your next camping trip or hang it on a tree in your backyard. Give the best kind of gift by coloring their adventurous world and amplifying the thrills of travel with striking colors and patterns. Available in three fun styles, this collection is made with care and quality.

PowerCore Charge Tabs
Now kids can have instant power! PowerCore Charge Tabs are disposable phone chargers that allow kids to keep their phones and devices charged no matter where they go. Starting at just $4.99, parents and grandparents no longer have to worry about their kids having dead phones. Just plug it in and get up to four extra hours of a cell phone charge. Perfect for emergencies, on-the-go, long road trips and more, these pre-charged tabs are economical, easy to use and can be tossed in a pocket or school backpack easily.

Keep your grandkid dry with unique bamboo/cotton-blend poncho towels. You’ve rinsed and lathered, and now your grandbaby is squeaky clean — but before you tuck him off to bed for a sleepover, wrap him up in one of these towels. These unique poncho towels are engineered to be super soft and comfortable, yet flexible and quick-drying, so now you can wash your grandbaby from head to toe without worrying about the chills of that right-after-bath business. Available in several fun designs.

Batty Betty
There has never been a time when the topic of bullying has been more relevant or widely talked about, making it an ideal time to begin an important conversation with kids. In Batty Betty, a beautifully illustrated cast of whimsical characters — including a confident tuba named Abel, a sad banana named Eve, a giant named Betty who delights in dancing like nobody’s watching and a group of beaver bullies — struggles with accepting differences in themselves and others when faced with judgment and criticism. Together they learn that what’s better than “winning the fight” against bullies is learning to love their unique music amidst the noise.

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