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For the Grandkids

Dress up their dolls
Keeping up with the lavish lifestyle of your grandchild’s doll collection can be costly. Between the outfits, accessories and equipment, Dolly’s wardrobe sure adds up. Check out Dress Along Dolly clothing and accessories. With more than 50 sets of doll products available (and more coming soon), Dress Along Dolly offers a wide variety of affordable outfits, costumes, accessories and equipment fit for any occasion and any 18-inch doll! Outfits include Ready to Ski, Gymnastics and Pet Dog Walker.

Build … anything
If you haven’t been introduced to the award-winning Shape Mags, it’s high time you met! The Shape Mags line of toys, made by Stick ’n Stack, includes a variety of magnetic tile building sets that allow kids to explore their creativity. Each tile shape is translucent and brightly colored – like stained glass – and offers limitless possibilities and hours of creative play.

A loveable, real-life dog
FisherDawg is a real dog with a zest for anything revolving around the sea. The wonderful color photography and antics described in the FisherDawg stories are all drawn from real life and will capture the hearts of children as you read to them. The delightful humor and silly antics will bring smiles and warmth to all. FisherDawg also includes fish jokes, crafts and a scrumptious recipe for FisherDawg’s favorite cookies that you can make for your “dawg.”

Get out and play
Looking for an exciting way to banish those cabin fever blues? Ditch the electronics and get the grandkids outdoors with fun-inducing, educational toys from Stomp Rocket. These air-driven rockets are 100 percent kid-powered, encouraging them to get physically active as they stomp their rockets to the stars. With a variety of rockets, one is sure to be right for your grandchild.

Focus on the environment
The United States was ranked the number one trash-producing country in the world at 1,609 pounds per person per year, meaning that 5 percent of the world’s people generate 40 percent of its waste. Hugo and Friends features a collection of poetry meant to delight children everywhere and inform them of how they can protect their animal friends and their beautiful planet. Hugo the Hippo and his friends travel the world together, seeing all of the wonders Mother Nature has to offer. From exploring a wonderland filled with chocolate to soaring high in the sky, Hugo and his friends learn more about their world through their adventures.

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