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For the Grandkids


Cool Wazoo is a revolutionary multifunctional product that incorporates a high-tech material on the inside that works as a surface that repels heat, a large diaper changing pad, restaurant high chair cover, car seat cover, grocery cart cover and bucket swing seat insert. It’s a 5-in-1!

The Cool Wazoo was originally designed to protect children from the blistering temperatures of swing seats, so it has something unique that no other flat cover has: material on the inside created specifically to reflect heat back to its source. This feature drastically reduces surface temperatures of things like swings seats with which babies comes into contact. for-the-grandkids-the-cool-wazoo2

The uniquely flexible design of the Cool Wazoo makes it an indispensable product:

•    Its large surface area is an instant upgrade to any other changing pad on the market
•    It folds up compactly to fit into any diaper bag or purse ~ with lots of room to spare
•    At the supermarket, it is perfect to keep babies from sucking on germy shopping carts
•    It provides a clean, comfy surface for snack time
•    In restaurants and on the playground, it protects from heat and grime
•    It’s perfect to take on trips as a clean changing surface in a hotel room or at grandma’s house!
And the Cool Wazoo’s stylish, modern patterns ensure that Grandma and Grandpa can reflect their own individual style sense!

Invented by a mom and approved by parents, grandparents, and doctors everywhere, the Cool Wazoo is an essential for any little one in your life. Available in four fashionable patterns including Central Park, Springtime in Paris, Buzzing Barcelona and Styling San Francisco, the Cool Wazoo is available at boutiques nationwide and online at www.CheerfulChild.com for $64.95.

for-the-grandkidsReduce. Reuse. Recycle. Kids may know what these words mean, but do they understand why they’re important? Our House Is Round: A Kid’s Book About Why Protecting the Earth Matters, a new environmental picture book (ISBN: 978-1-61608-588-9), answers the question by explaining pollution, climate change, energy conservation, and natural resources in engaging, child-friendly ways. It’s written by Yolanda Kondonassis, the internationally acclaimed, Grammy-nominated harpist, founder and director of Earth at Heart, a non-profit organization devoted to increasing earth awareness through the arts.

Kondonassis has recorded 17 albums and donated a portion of the proceeds from several of them to environmental organizations. She became even more passionate about earth conservation after she became a parent. “True motivation always stems from understanding,” she says, “and kids are fully able to grasp many of the larger issues surrounding the challenges we face in the quest to preserve our planet.”

Our House is Round, for readers ages 5-9, opens with the metaphor that the earth is like a “round house” that we all inhabit and must care for. With a friendly, conversational style and bright, colorful illustrations, the book explains where pollution comes from and how it causes climate change, the importance of energy conservation and recycling, and why we need to protect natural resources. Readers are given a “Messy Planet Action Plan” and an “Earth-Smart Dictionary” that defines important environmental terms in an age-appropriate way.

Our House Is Round is the perfect children’s introduction to environmental issues,” says Fred Krupp, President, Environmental Defense Fund. “The smartly narrated text and beautiful illustrations illuminate the ‘whys’ behind earth conservation in an engaging manner that both teaches and inspires.”

The publication of Our House is Round marks the launch of Better World Kids, a new imprint of Sky Pony Press devoted to values-oriented books by socially conscious authors. Kondonassis will be donating a significant number of copies of Our House is Round to public libraries across America, via the Chapters Relations Office of the American Library Association.

Learn more at www.ourhouseisroundonline.com.


This 3 wheeler instills confidence while teaching basic coordination and getting kids ready for a 2 wheeler ~ Younger riders can push, scoot or pedal.


  • Steel heavy duty trike frame with patented concealed steering system
  • Removable push/steer handle allows adults to control steering and speed while walking comfortably
  • High back saddle with 3 point seat belt allows younger riders to feel secure while adult controls the action

Available at Target, Dick’s Sporting Goods, Toys R Us, Amazon.com, and other mass retailers.


CALIFORNIA INNOVATIONS LUNCH BAGSfor-the-grandkids-california-lunch-bags

California Innovations lunch bags are one of a kind ~ both in quality and style ~ and are loved by adults and children alike! Their lunch bags come in a variety of colors and sizes, from an array of adorable animals to multi-compartment packs, and even stylish tote-like bags perfect for any fashionista ~ even the most pint-sized!  Their soft-insulated coolers, lunch bags and diaper bags are equipped for better versatility and convenience.

California Innovations is the ultimate lunch solutions package that is committed to producing safe, top quality products – all products are PVC free, meet the Ultra Safe Protection System standards and incorporate Microban to provide antimicrobial protection and inhibit bacterial odors/stains. The easy-clean Microban lining will not wash off, and saves time between packing each day’s lunch. California Innovations’ affordable collection of items give families a new way to eat better and cheaper on the go and are a must have item on everyone’s back-to-school shopping list.

California Innovations can be found at major retailers including Toys-R-Us, Kmart and Amazon.com.


Plum OrganicsTM, the leading provider of organic meals & snacks for babies and toddlers, has debuted their new, organic snacks for kids with the launch of Plum KidsTM. Rolling out nationwide at Safeway and TARGET stores this summer, the Plum KidsTM line features 13 new organic must-haves for any hungry kid. For a midday snack or breakfast on the run, Plum KidsTM offers a full mix of fruit, veggie, whole grain and even fridge-free dairy options ~ no spoon, no fuss, and no lunchroom trading required!

For Breakfast on the Run:  Morning MashupsTM are a whole grain way to start off any kid’s day.. With no spoon required, each BPA-free pouch is filled with 100% whole grains including Quinoa for an extra boost of protein. With no extra mix-ins, heat or stirring required, Morning Mashups come in 3breakfast-friendly varieties: Raspberry Swirl, Maple Banana, and Oatmeal Raisin. All Morning Mashups are sold in boxes of 4 single-serving pouches for a suggested retail price of $4.99.

For A Whole Bunch of Crunch:  Crunch’olaTM offers a modern twist on ancient grains. Each bite-sized cluster of crunchy nutrition is the perfect lunchbox addition. Made with four hearty whole grains including Millet, Quinoa, Brown Rice, and Oats, Crunch’ola packs a whole bunch of crunch in each nutritious bite. Mixed with fruit, chocolate or peanut butter, Crunch’ola is available in Apple Snapster, Choco Chipster, and savory/sweet Peanutty Pretzel. All Crunch’ola snacks are sold in boxes of 5 single serving bags for a suggested retail price of $3.99.

for-the-grandkids-plum-kidsFor Pocket-Friendly Playground Fun: Fruit & Veggie ShredzTM are real fruit & veggie snacks kids can twist, tie and twirl. Made with organic fruits and veggies that are mashed up and shredded, these pocket-sized packs are perfect for the playground. Eachpack offers a full serving of fruit, making them a great grab-n-go snack for the active kid. Fruit & Veggie Shredz are available in two fruit & veggie combinations including Rooty Blues and Super Apple as well as two fruit-filled varieties in Berry ‘licious and Peach Peelz. All Fruit Shredz products are sold in boxes of 5 single serving packs for a suggested retail price of $3.99

For Fridge-Free, Spoon-free Snackin’: Greek Yogurt MashupsTM are the perfect sweet n’ tangy addition to any lunchbox or afterschool snack. The natural sweet of organic fruits combined with creamy Greek yogurt in a no-spoon-required pouch makes for a convenient, healthy grab-n-go snack. Greek Yogurt Mashups are available in three creamy varieties: Cherry Vanilla, Orange Cream, and Strawberry Lemonade. All Greek Yogurt Mashups are sold in boxes of four single-serving pouches for a suggested retail price of $4.99.

All Plum KidsTM snacks are:

· USDA-certified organic and GMO-free
· Free from HFCS, artificial ingredients or trans-fats
· Packaged in BPA-free materials
· Portioned perfectly for a healthy snack
· Sized right for on-the-go

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