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For the Grandkids


ep450s010_largeWho doesn’t want a better sleep that is comfortable, safe, organic, eco-friendly, and natural? More importantly, who doesn’t want that for their brand new baby? Your baby will spend most of his or her infant life in bed, so it’s important to have comfort, warmth, and safety while keeping nature’s balance in mind. EgroPouch does just that for you with their wide range of organic baby sleeping bags, bamboo pajamas, and easy to use swaddles. In an effort to get their new bundle of joy Xavier to sleep, the Sack family wanted to develop the most comfortable, safe & healthy sleeping environment to reduce awake time. A unique hybrid of baby blanket and regular sleeping bag, ErgoPouch is a great way to allow your baby to move freely without getting tangled in those fancy baby blankets. So easy and so fast, the ErgoPouch had a clever upside down zipper that keeps those smart little ones from unzipping themselves and helps create easy diaper changes..




for-the-grandkids-kids-konserve-uconserve-lunch-toteKids KonserveTM, manufacturer of non-toxic, waste-free lunch packing items for both kids and adults, helps make lunch and other on-the-go meals more sustainable. The company transforms waste-producing plastic bottles into reusable, Insulated Lunch Totes, and offers reusable, waste-free “Food KoziesTM” as an alternative to plastic baggies.

“While the movement to eat healthier picks up steam, many people still rely on plastic baggies and paper sacks to carry their lunch to the office, throwing bags “away” after use,” explained Chance Claxton, Kids Konserve co-founder. “Our research indicates that the average child creates 67 pounds of lunchtime trash, headed to our ever-growing landfills each school year! We are providing both kids and adults with healthier lunch-packing solutions, better for both people and planet.”

The U-Konserve Lunch Tote is the contemporary and reusable way to keep kids’ and pre-teens’ lunches fresh, cool and stacked upright, thanks to a tall and roomy design. An inside pocket provides the perfect space for U-Konserve’s sweat-free ice pack, bamboo utensil or cloth napkin. A sturdy zipper and adjustable strap add to the versatility.

To offset the 500 billion to a trillion plastic bags consumed worldwide each year, ditch plastic baggies and instead wrap food in a reusable, recyclable and BPA-free Kids Konserve Food KozyTM . Available in two sizes, large (15.5”round) or small (13.5” round), the Kozies are ideal for preserving the freshness of everything from sandwiches, bagels and fruit slices to large blocks of cheese.

Founded in 2008, Kids KonserveTM offers a complete line of waste-free lunch and snack packing solutions, and is dedicated to educating families, schools and the general consumer on the importance of ‘reuse’ through its non-toxic, non-leaching, waste-free products. All items offered by Kids Konserve are free of BPA, phthalates, PVC and lead. Kids Konserve products can be viewed and purchased at www.KidsKonserve.com, as well as through markets and boutiques nationwide.



cloth-diapersEco Friendly Cloth Diapers from Lotus Bumz is a new mom must-have! Lorain started Lotus Bumz when she realized that there is a great need for an affordable cloth diaper. After deciding to go with cloth diapers with her new born and seeing the physical benefits that they had on his skin as well as knowing that using cloth diapers is so much better for the environment than disposable diapers, she decided more parents need to know and be able to afford this great way of diapering. All diapers have shiny, leak-proof exterior (PUL), 3 rows of adjustment snaps to allow for a small/medium/large size in one diaper, hip snaps to prevent the sides from drooping, a waist tab that overlaps for extra-small waist size, and includes a 3-layer microfiber insert.

Other benefits of Lotus Bumz Cloth Diapers?

*Helps the environment ~ It takes 1 disposable diaper 200 years to decompose!

*Great for baby’s skin ~ Helps reduce diaper rash.

*Saves you money ~ Families who use cloth diapers save an average of $1500-2500 on diapers




for-the-grandkids-buggy-love-greenDoes your grand baby’s stroller need a spa day? Is it time to pimp their ride? Welcome to BuggyLOVE, the first-ever organic stroller cleaning kit! Baby’s ride deserves as much attention as that posh little nursery of theirs. Even the most discerning of Grams and Gramps won’t mind whipping it out in public. BuggyLOVE contains one of each of the following: FreshLOVE ~ 8 refreshing ounces of rosehip scented all over freshening spray, PolishLOVE ~ 8 delicious ounces of tangerine scented frame and wheel polish, FabricLOVE ~ 4 tangy ounces of clementine scented spot remover, and WheelLOVE ~ 1 ounce of all natural, pure listening pleasure — no more squeaks and squeals! It also come with a re-usable carry-all bag, tampico scrub brush and reclaimed microfiber cloth! Today’s parents and grandparents are on-the-go warriors looking for simple solutions to life’s messy emergencies. Now they don’t need to look any further. BuggyLOVE to the rescue!




android_logoNeed a new best friend for your grandchild? There’s an app for that. Talking Apps for Android Phones from PhoneLiving are the new standard for educational technology!

Each 3D character talks and interacts with your grandchild! When he or she speaks to the character, the character will actually speak the words back. And you can interact in other amazing ways: slide a finger to make a character laugh or giggle, tap the character to make them sad or silly, press a button to make them sing or play an instrument…the possibilities are endless. You can even “feed” them to increase their hunger meter.

There are over 100 3D characters available currently for droids, and iPhone apps will be available over the course of 2012. And no matter your OS, the free downloads do NOT have in-app ads.

PhoneLiving Talking Apps are perfect for long car rides, having company over or any other time grandma needs a little break. It’s education, interaction, friendship and tranquility all in one app.

For more information and to download,  visit www.coolbabygear.com.


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