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For the Grandkids


for-the-grandkids-teensy-fruitsPlum Organics is an award-wining provider of premium nutritious, organic baby food and toddler snacks.  They have set the stage for a new way of nurturing the next generation with yummy, nutritious foods that are convenient and come in eco-friendly packaging.  Plum’s full range of delicious food offer the best building blocks for a lifetime of healthy eating, and they are now proud to introduce Teensy Fruits™, a soft, real fruit snack designed for the wee independent eater. Teensy Fruits offer a full serving of fruit in every pack and are available in three tot-friendly flavors:  peach, apple, and berry.  Be warned, though, not only will the little ones love these sweet-but-healthy snacks, but you will, too, so be sure to stock up!

Teensy Fruits ~ which contain no high fructose corn syrup, trans-fats, or artificial ingredients ~ are $2.99 for 5 single serving packs and can be found at Whole Foods, Target, and Babies-R-Us. To learn more about Plum Organics, please visit


Highly Breathable Sleeping System for Babies

UBIMED, manufacturer of the Cleanoz® Nasal-Aspirator Kit, has just launched their most innovative product to date, the LifeNest Sleeping System. Recently, the LifeNest Sleeping System has been listed with the FDA as a medical device helping to prevent Plagiocephaly (commonly referred to as flat head syndrome in infants) and has earned the PTPA Media Seal of Approval (Parent Tested Parent Approved,

for-grandkids-lifenestCreated by renowned ear, nose and throat pediatric surgeon specialist, Dr. Jose Bensoussan, UBIMED’s patented LifeNest Sleeping System was specifically designed to ensure the highest level of comfort and safety for infants while they rest. The LifeNest’s curved mesh hammock cradles the baby’s head, maintaining the recommended baby-on-back sleeping position while allowing unrestricted movements. The elevated breathable hammock permits the free circulation of air via the venting channels to help prevent overheating and enables the baby to breathe freely even if they accidentally turn on their tummy. A second hammock is also built into the tight fitting mattress cover (available in a full line of fashionable colors to compliment any nursery), reinforcing strength and safety and prevents mattress cover entrapment and strangulation risks. Additionally, the mesh hammock of the LifeNest allows liquids and mucus to pass through it, helping to prevent against smothering. Intended to be used for babies from birth to 5 months of age, the LifeNest measures approximately 33.5”( 85 cm) long, 27.5 (70 cm) wide” and 4.7”/1.5” (12cm/4cm)  high fitting securely on any standard crib. The product also comes with a convenient travel case, as it is easily portable making it ideal for parent’s on-the-go.

While sleep is one of the most important aspects of a newborn’s life, it is also the main cause of anxiety for parents and grandparents as accidental suffocation or strangulation is one of their worst fears.

“The LifeNest Sleeping System was specifically designed for babies’ wellness,” says Dr. Bensoussan, UBIMED’s President and inventor of the LifeNest, who, hocked by the death of a family friend’s daughter due to accidental suffocation while she slept, began researching this detrimental occurrence, looking for a plausible solution to effectively prevent it. It was during this research that Dr. Bensoussan studied the existing baby sleep positioners and found most of them to be dangerous as he identified the risk of entrapment between the positioner itself and the crib bars. Additionally, most of the pillows designed to prevent Plagiocephaly presented the same suffocation risks if the baby were to flip over. So he set out to design a mattress that would help to prevent both risks. Patented by Dr. Bensoussan in 2010, the LifeNest Sleeping System was the end result of years of research and testing specifically designed to ensure the highest level of comfort and safety for infants while they rest.

The LifeNest Sleeping System is available for purchase online at and at select retailers nationwide for $149.99.


for-the-grandkids-naturepedice28099s-organic-cotton-waterproof-mattress-1What’s special and convenient about Naturpedic’s organic mattress for babies and children is that they have a 2-in-1 crib and twin mattress.

This versatile 2 in 1 Organic Cotton Ultra is waterproof on one side, perfect for infants and bed wetters (because an accident with potty training toddlers is bound to happen), while the quilted side provides a more luxurious feel for older children (They do have mattresses that are completely covered in their waterproof layer, or ones that are 100% quilted, too.).

The waterproof coating is made of polyethylene and is a safe alternative to waterproof barriers typically made from PVC/vinyl. Polyethylene is an environmentally friendly plastic that is used throughout the food packaging industry for its purity and non-toxic properties.

The polyethylene surface of the No-Compromise Organic Baby Crib Mattress is specially formulated using only pure food grade materials, creating the ultimate non-toxic and waterproof mattress cover. It is also easy to clean and will not stain. Have no worries about how comfortable this plastic coated mattress can be, either; it is supportive yet still soft and dreamy and has passed many a tot AND mom test!
The exclusive fire protection system is based on the unique fire retardant properties of baking soda and hydrated silica bonded to cellulose fiber. Baking soda is a non-toxic substance with excellent fire retardant properties. Silica is a natural mineral that comprises about 60% of the earth’s crust. Clay, rocks, sand, etc. are all composed predominantly of silica, which is also a major percentage of human tissue, bones, teeth, etc., and is even available at health food stores as a food supplement. It is also a primary ingredient in natural toothpaste. The cellulose fiber used is derived primarily from eucalyptus and poplar trees and has a low carbon footprint. These materials provide the best way to meet fire regulations without the use of dangerous chemicals or allergenic wool. Also, the mattress’s protective layer makes for a dust-mite proof surface.

Hot Tot Haircare: White, Hot, & Green!

for-the-grandkids-hot-totsHelp your grandtot celebrate Earth Day and every day in style with Hot Tot, a fabulous line of eco-friendly styling products formulated especially for children!

Hot Tot’s contemporary white & silver packaging puts a posh spin on healthy products

Confidence, style, generosity & global awareness are all critical components of being “hot” according to Megan Gage, founder of Hot Tot


Hot Tot cares about the planet! Committed to sustainable business practices, the company strives to be an industry leader in innovation & awareness

Hot Tot’s investments in people & technology enable the brand to make a positive impact

Cruelty Free- Never Tested on Animals
Recyclable Packaging
Safe & Gentle Ingredients, all of which are biodegradable

About Hot Tot

Hot Tot produces salon-quality hair styling products for babies and children without the use of harsh or harmful chemicals. Created to improve the lives of little ones, Hot Tot is committed to sustainable business practices and also donates a portion of its proceeds to charities that benefit children.

Hot Tot products are sold at various online retailers and are also available at salons and upscale boutiques in various states. To find a retailer near you, please visit

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