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For the Grandkids


For grandparents who want to help their grandkids have imaginative, eco-friendly, non tech-centric play, Pure Play Kids has just the thing(s)!

Parents and Co-Founders Tania and Mike Grant couldn’t find what they wanted in toys for their own kids, so they decided to design and sell top-quality, U.S.- and European-made playthings made of wood, cloth and other sustainable materials ~ all safe, battery-free, TV-free, and designed to promote creative, confident kids.

Unlike most mainstream toys, Pure Play Kids toys are “kid-powered,” meaning the sounds, motions and storylines are generated by children, not batteries and microchips.

Under $10

8067-soycrayonsSoy Crayons – $7.95 ~ Rethink the crayon! These cool crayons are made of a soy wax and tinted with mineral powders for vibrant colors and beautiful textures. The easy-to-hold shape is designed to strengthen the tripod grip muscles to develop fine motor skills and prepare hands for handwriting skills. (The shape also makes them far less prone to the all-too-common breaking suffered by traditional crayons.) The carrying bag ensures that you’re never caught without instant, on-the-go entertainment. Soy crayons are made from renewable US-grown soybeans! 16 crayons, Ages 3+

Felt Crowns (pink or green) – $8.95 ~ Felt crowns are practically a necessity for playing dress-up! When befriending dragons, playing pirates, serving tee or kissing frogs, a felt crown is always a good touch. Crowns are also great for celebrating birthday boys and girls. These felt crowns are a Pure Play Kids Original and feature removable felt jewels; initials can be added for $4.00 more. The design features a Velcro closure to fit roughly ages 2-7.  22” x 5”. Stitched in USA.

5-Color Natural Softdough – $9.95 ~ Children of all ages love getting creative with this soft, pliable, non-crumbly modeling dough. Unlike the leading brand, this dough is made in the USA from all-natural materials, just like your very own homemade batch. It comes in five bright, beautiful colors that can be used again and again for up to one year when stored in the included plastic tub container. Nontoxic. 1lb. 2oz., Ages 3+

Under $25

lip250Natural Lip Balm Kit – $21.95 ~ Fun to make and safe to use ~ This is a wonderful “science” kit for kids of all ages. No dyes, synthetics, additives or fillers ~ what’s not to love making your own natural lip balm in 30 minutes or less! The all-natural, do-it-yourself kit is a great way to teach kids at an early age about making healthy choices for their skin. It contains enough materials to make 10 lip balms: pure essential oils, shea butter, safflower oil and beeswax in pre-measured bottles.

Wooden Fishing Rod Toy with 5 Fish – $22.95
~ Any fisherman will tell you that the best fishing is on a rainy day, and this magnetic wooden fishing set proves it! Just lower your magnetic bait into the “water” and see what you catch ~ green, yellow, orange and purple fish! This simple 2-foot wooden fishing rod is easy to handle and comes with 4 feet of string. Get Grandpa in on the action and race to catch the most fish with 2 rods! Excellent for fine-motor-skill development as well as for independent and collaborative play. 2’ fishing pole, Ages 3+

Handmade Cloth Dolls ~ Daisy Doll – $24.95 ~ Daisy’s peppy pink dress and sweet smile bring cuteness and happiness to all her friends!  Children love to “baby” their babies. Dolls are wonderful for imaginative pretend play as they allow children to express their feelings and thoughts through their dolls. Beautiful and handmade in the USA, Daisy is the perfect size for any age to cuddle. 13”, Ages 0+, machine washable.

Under $50

camera-funWooden Camera Toy – $29.95 ~ Lights, wooden camera, action! Kids love pretend play, and our pretend camera is perfect for whenever real cameras come out or kids go on backyard safari. This wood camera has a viewfinder, a rotating lens, a button and a setting dial.  Digital? Only in a pretend sense; the camera is 100% battery-free for a child’s imaginative development. A Pure Play Kids exclusive, it was designed in house and is a made in the USA toy!  Sustainable wood with a nontoxic toy-safe finish. 4-1/2”L x 3-1/2”W x 3-1/2”H, Ages 3+

Wooden Fire Truck Toy – $39.95 ~ Four peg people sit inside Pure Play Kids Wooden Fire Truck, and they’re always ready to climb the ladder if there’s a fire in the doll house or a cat stuck in the tree.  Of course, this wood fire truck toy is battery-free, allowing kids to make their own sounds, movements and stories.  A Pure Play Kids Original, the maplewood fire truck is designed by the Grants, and it’s made in the USA!  8-1/4”L x 3-1/2”W x 4”H, Ages 3+

Cash Register Toy – $44.95
~ Kids love to play market with this wooden cash register toy. They can play shopkeeper and customer as they count money (included), use the abacus for counting and basic math, put coins in the correct slots, and open the top of the cash register. A wooden credit card and card swipe is a nod to how parents really pay these days. Younger kids love to put their treasure inside until they’re old enough for pretend play and basic math. A made in America toy, this wood cash register is a Pure Play Kids Original. Wood with nontoxic toy-safe finish. Download free paper currency at the Purely Playful Blog! 8”L x 8”W x 8”H, Ages 3+

These items and many others are available for purchase at www.pureplaykids.com.


Meet guavakids, the company created by high school friends and moms Linsey and Lili in order to provide parents and grandparents worldwide with functional, beautiful, and eco-conscious products. They’ve just launched into the baby market with their flagship product: guavamitts.

for-the-grandkids-guava3These innovative baby mittens are designed to actually stay on hands, engage babies’ senses, and be gentle on the environment. Most gloves or mittens on the market meet one or two of these criteria, but guavamitts are the first to combine all three of these necessities into one adorable package.

guavamitts boast the industry’s first two-part closure on an infant mitten, with elastic on the back and an adjustable velcro tab on the front; they stay snug on hands and can be adjusted to the right size as baby grows. By wearing mittens, babies no long run the risk of scratching their faces and can avoid ingesting germs from others who touch their hands.

guavakids recognized a potential developmental opportunity at their fingertips and decided to incorporate black and white graphic patterns to engage babies’ senses, serving as the very first mitt to do this! Studies have shown that high contrast graphics can promote brain and eye development in babies. Since newborns can only focus 8-10 inches from their face, guavamitts decided to use a blend of timeless, age-appropriate patterns along with bold and neutral colors to build a beautiful learning environment that’s always within reach.for-the-grandkids-guava2

guavamitts are also a green solution: guavamitts are made from a 70% bamboo and 30% organic cotton blend. Bamboo has been proven to block 99.97% of UVA and UVB rays so children’s delicate skin is protected from sun damage. In addition to its natural antifungal properties, bamboo helps prevent uncomfortable skin rashes by deterring bacteria and wicking away water 3-4 times better than cotton. Best of all, bamboo is 100% biodegradable and harvesting it imposes zero pollution on the environment.

With guavakids products, grandparents, parents and kids can expect more. Their baby essentials are both functional and stylish, eco-conscious and educational, and all at a price that lets families save for more important things – like college.

For more information, please call 1888.946.4828 or visit info@guavakids.com.


Cold and flu season is upon us, and many parents and grandparents are concerned because, in additional to the normal sniffles that come with this time of year, Swine and Avian flu have become an issue over the past few years. Luckily, there are some basic time-tested precautions that we can be taking to help prevent these kind of illnesses from plaguing us and ~ most importantly ~ our children and grandchildren. According to 2010 figures from the National Center for Health Statistics, an estimated 22 million school days are lost annually because of colds alone. With this information in mind, here are few products to keep on hand this fall and winter ~ think of them as vital components to the quintessential kids’ flu safety kit.51zt2atncil_sl500_aa300_

Kids’ Xlear Nasal Spray

Xlear, Inc. (pronounced “clear”), the leading manufacturer of xylitol based products in the United States, makes a patented, non-addictive nasal spray that combines the unique properties of xylitol with the health-promoting practice of using a saline nasal spray to help wash, hydrate and moisturize the nasal passages as well as to aid the body’s natural cleansing process; it helps to clean out the bacteria and particles that can lead to a cold, ear infection, sinusitis or the flu. With no minimum age requirement, this product is safe for kids of all ages, even infants! (http://xlear.com/nasal-spray.aspx)

bgn-01068-2BabyGanics’ The Germinator Foaming Hand Sanitizer

Hands are carpools for germs, and little hands are magnets for icky offenders! Enter The Germinator ~ suddenly hands are safe to hold, kiss and high-five another lovely day. This line of products kills 99.9% of germs with a safe, alcohol-free formula that won’t dry hands out. It uses Benzalkonium Chloride, which provides greater sustained de-germing activity than alcohol gel hand sanitizers. BabyGanics even added skin conditioners for extra smoothness and a choice between tangerine-scented or fragrance-free! (www.babyganics.com/Hand_Sanitizer_250ml_The_Germinator)

Hyland’s Cold ‘n Cough 4 Kidshy-174_2z

Hyland’s Cold ‘n Cough 4 Kids is a great solution for multi-symptom cold relief for children. The 100% natural formula offers safe and effective symptom relief of common cold symptoms including sneezing, sore throat, and congestion. The fast-acting homeopathic medicines are safe for kids two years old and up and come in a great tasting sugar-free base that kids don’t mind taking. When colds strike, trust Hyland’s 4 Kids solutions to relieve the many symptoms of the common cold! (www.hylands.com/products/coughsyrup4kids.php)

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