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For the Grandkids


The Juno Company has just launched its highly-anticipated, brilliant and beautiful musical eBook for preschoolers; it’s full of glorious animation, original orchestral music and incredible interactive capabilities.

The Day The Music Stopped eBook App is based on the award winning DVD of the same title, which was recently nominated for three Emmy Awards and honored with two Parent’s Choice Awards and three Telly Awards!

The Day The Music Stopped is available in the App Store for iPad®, iPhone®, and iPod® touch, and the Android Market for Android smart phones and tablets. To download the app itself, go to: Enjoy your musical adventure together! img_0581-copy


From showers and flowers to bugs and butterflies, we are ready for summer at Frecklebox! Coloring Books: created to entertain and educate, our Spelling Bugs coloring book is full of fun personalized illustrations. Children learn to spell their name and the names of simple, common bugs. Perfect for the budding entomologist! Stickers: our colorful stickers are the perfect party favor, gift tag or label. A great way to personalize those special somethings. Folders and notebooks: spruce up your child’s school supplies with bright and colorful spring designs. Lunch boxes: the ideal lunch box or treasure chest, vibrant colors and fun summer images make these stand out. Story books: our best sellers, story books that feature the child’s name throughout the story and illustrations/photos. Check out the “My Name Is…” book for stunning photography and a beautiful look at nature.

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ive-never-game-family-ve-copyWinner of The 2010 National Parenting Center’s Seal of Approval, the new board game, “I’ve Never …” Family Edition makes a great gift or addition to your game closet. It’s great for slumber parties, birthday parties, and trips, too.

The game offers family-appropriate questions and activities that help you learn more about each other.  Some of the questions include, “I’ve Never Had a Crush on a Teacher?” and “I’ve Never Had a Bird Poop on My Head?” or “I’ve Never Had Detention?” Based on the answer, the person moves forward on the board, or does an activity.  For example, for the question “I’ve Never Had a Bird Poop on My Head,” if this is True, the card says “Move Forward One Space.”  If the Answer is Not True, the card says “Move Forward Three Spaces … You Deserve It!.”  For the question “I’ve Never Had Detention,” if the answer is True, the person is instructed to “Tickle the Person to Your Right.”  If Not True, you need to “Tell Us What You Did.”

Initially sold at the company’s website, the board game has gotten interest from major retailers, who have stocked it beginning this holiday season, including at nationwide Target and Toys R Us stores, as well as

The game is priced at $19.99 and is appropriate for ages 8 and up. For more information, please visit



Diapees & Wipees is the original diaper case designed for parents on the go. Each bag is designed to carry a travel pack of wipes and 2-4 diapers keeping them nice, neat and organized! They are great to use with diaper bags, handbags, or solo. Our Waterproof bags are also great for carrying swim diapers to the pool or beach! Diapees & Wipees are a celebrity mom favorite with a great price point starting at $14.99. Naomi Watts was spotted last week with our Blue Zoo Animals bag and Nicole Sullivan was spotted with the new Hipster bag. The Hipster is the newest bag in our collection. The Hipster features a super cool adjustable/detachable strap and a front zippered pocket for keys, CC, cell phone, etc. The Hipster bag retails for $28.00. Diapees & Wipees signature bags and waterproof bags are available at Nordstrom, baby boutiques worldwide, and online. The Hipster bag is available at select boutiques worldwide and online.

Price: $14.99

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It’s not often that we find a company whose products are just as amazing as the story behind its foundation! Meet Itzy Bitzy and their inspiring story. Priding themselves in creating adorable, yet still affordable, footwear and accessories, Itzy Bitzy products are garnering attention from parents and children nationwide. However, behind these cute products is greater cause, which is to ultimately raise awareness and acceptance for children with physical differences.

ss-copyFor soon-to-be-mom Michelle Ruesch, life took a turn for the more complicated when she gave birth to twin girls. Not only were there going to be twice the little feet running amok, but one of her beautiful daughters was born with Treacher Collins Syndrome, a genetic disorder that causes underdevelopment of the facial bones. Rather than letting the devastation of a disorder bring her down, Michelle took strength from the resilient spirit of her daughter and searched for a way to bring a ray of sunshine to others in similar situations.

She soon found the answer when the twins were learning to walk and were gifted pairs of Squeaky Shoes. These became the must-have item of the house, leading Michelle to search for more when the twins outgrew them. Not only were the ones on the market too expensive, but their designs left much to be desired. Seeing her chance to stretch her entrepreneurial wings and make a difference, Michelle launched Itzy Bitzy with a line up of ultra-adorable Squeaky Shoes for girls and boys.

Some may wonder, what are Squeaky Shoes? Squeaky Shoes are a fun and functional tool for teaching kids how to walk in heel to toe style. When they step correctly, the shoes make a soft squeak letting them know audibly they are doing it right. Kids can not resist getting the shoes to make the noise, and quickly learn how to run and walk. Best of all, mom and dad can keep a closer eye on their children’s movements, which is especially handy when the house is terrorized by twins, triplets, or siblings who are close in age.

The Itzy Bitzy shoe family has a number of designs including velcro sneakers, girly mary janes, fashionable snow-safe boots, and sweet sandals. Since their launch, Itzy Bitzy has grown to include irresistible headbands and flower hair clips as well as flip flops.

In an effort to support other families and children struggling with physical differences, Itzy Bitzy donates a portion of each sale to The Treacher Collins Connection and Children’s Craniofacial Association. Thanks to the outpouring of support these organizations have received, they’ve been able to develop the Footwear for Smiles program that supplies adorable Itzy Bitzy shoes to children with craniofacial conditions.

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