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For the Grandkids!


Decades ago, families often spent more quality time together. There were significantly fewer distracting options than there are today, where we now cope with 300 channels on the television, personal computers, and sophisticated video games. One way to bring back that quality time is to start a dedicated family game night each week.

Here are 5 reasons to have a dedicated family game night:

ive-never-game-family-ve-copy1. Quality time. The importance of spending quality time together as a family cannot be overstated. It is important for bonding, building relationships and improving communication.
2. Learning opportunity. Children can learn many important things from family game night. Along with good sportsmanship and the importance of following directions, they can hone their communication skills, as well as testing and improving their agility and coordination skills.
3. Inexpensive entertainment. In a day and age when even activities like going out to the movies can be economically out of reach, a family game night is affordable. Games are generally inexpensive, last a long time, and can even be borrowed.
4. Healthy habits. Having a family game night is healthy. It is good brain exercise, can be good physical exercise (depending on the game being played), and keeps kids from simply sitting in front of the television for hours on end, which has been linked to many negative consequences.
5. Fun factor. Family game time can be a time when the family has fun and laughs together, each week. That alone will help to create memories and good times!

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Protect-a-Bub’s offers innovative products that are just what every family with a stroller or car seat needs in this summer weather ~ and year round! 

Perfect for the fast approaching summer days as well as winter rain, Protect-a- Bub shields children from harmful sun-rays and winter weather and is always the perfect, fashionable accessory to protect your little one.

Protect-a-Bub presents the largest canopy style UV protective sunshade on the market. Winner of the iParenting Media Award and most recently named the winner of the 2011 Cribsie Award as “The Coolest Stroller Add-On,” Protect-a-Bub provides the best sunshade on the market. The classic option offers specially woven polyester microfiber, which does not retain heat and allows for easy breathability. The shade also presents mesh sides that allow for reduction in glare and help promote air circulation. This sunshade fits all strollers, joggers, and car seats with a canopy and is available to suit a single or twin stroller. The most recently released 4-Season Weather Shield provides protection from the sun, rain, wind, and bugs in one easy to use package. With options for partial coverage, full coverage, and rain/wind coverage, this new edition to the Protect-a-Bub product selections is ideal for any climate.

For more information on Protect-a-Bub’s wide assortment of products, visit


knee-pads-copyFinally, there’s a stylish, soft and comfortable solution to scrapes, scratches, bumps and bruises: Tee-Knees kneepads for infants and toddlers! Flexible dive suit Neoprene and bathing suit spandex fit snugly around the knees, providing protection without being bulky or restrictive. Tee-Knees come in 2 sizes ~ Regular and Large ~ and in an assortment of colors. Wee-Knees Design Inc has donated over 100 pairs to babes in children’s hospitals, daycares, and through various developmental disability associations. Wee-Knees continues to provide giveaways/donations to benefit children in the community. Keep your eyes open for new lines including Babee Bibs, Whet’s UP wet/dry Bags, and Babee Roll-change mats, and check out for more information and to order.


Elephantito was founded in 2004. It started with a small collection of knitwear for babies. Today, we offer a complete and fully developed line of clothing and shoes for babies and children up to 12 years, available at and in more than 150 boutiques and online stores throughout the U.S. and abroad. The company has successfully established itself as a luxury brand with impeccable style, outstanding craftsmanship and unrivalled customer service. The line appeals to buyers looking for stylish and high quality products at a competitive price. It is a favorite among discerning customers who want beautiful, European-style clothing and shoes for their children adapted to their all-American sensibility. Elephantito manufactures its products in a “Socially Responsible” country where workers are protected by conscious employers and are entitled to social security.



Bright Starts, an award-winning infant brand heralded for its innovation, reliability and aesthetics, is introducing the InGenuity Perfect Place High Chair. This marks Bright Starts’ first ever high chair and entrance into the category! The Bright Starts InGenuity Perfect Place High Chair boasts a Swivel Away Tray, a dishwasher safe EasyClean insert, a three-position reclining seat and an adjustable foot rest in two brand NEW fashions!

The new InGenuity Perfect Place High Chair ($99.99) combines trendy style with innovative features that make life a little easier.

• Swivel Away Tray pivots out of the way and is removable for easy access to baby.
• Seat pad and head rest are made with stain resistant and machine washable fabrics
• EasyClean insert is dishwasher safe!
• 3-position recline seat and adjustable leg rest
• 7 height positions to fit any table size
• 4 wheels with locking feature



Give the one gift everyone at the baby shower will be talking about:’s made to order clothing features family names, nicknames, and festive holiday greetings for girls and boys. Not sure what the sex of the baby is, or haven’t settled on a name? Go with the Surprise “Property Of” design in neutral colors, and add the family name to show the world you’re glad he or she is finally here. The “Property Of” onesie is the perfect going home outfit, making it easy for friends and family members to spot the new bundle of joy in the hospital nursery. Once baby makes their much anticipated grand entrance, celebrate the special occasion with the adorable “Delivered Stamp” onesie. This design is a cheeky must-have that states all of baby’s vitals from full name and birth date, to length and weight! The “Delivered Stamp” onesie is a must have for every keepsake box.

For parents with twins, triplets and more, it can be a time-consuming struggle to tell who is who. Fear no longer, sleep deprived parents, because has the solution with lettered and numbered onesies and t-shirts. These clever and unique designs feature the baby’s name and funny phrases like “1 of 2” and “2 of 2” or “Baby A” and “Baby B” to keep everybody distinct.

At, the child’s comfort always comes first. All their products are custom printed in the USA on 100% cotton that’s soft to the touch and machine washable. Each t-shirt and onesie is made without tags to protect children’s gentle skin from becoming irritated. guarantees their customers an easy, stress free ordering experience through the website. Every order is crafted with care and packaged with love in its own purple gift box complete with tissue paper and confetti that matches the ordered item. A personalized gift card and customized label make the order complete and ready to be gifted or opened by mom or big sib-to-be. understands timing is important when everything else is a surprise, which is why customers won’t be stuck waiting weeks to get their personalized gifts in the mail. Each order is printed, packed, and shipped in 48 hours for a timely delivery.

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