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For the Grand Kids: April/May 2017

Keep the kids entertained
Help the grandkids power down with Tall Tales: The Game of Infinite Storytelling. This electronic-free, non-competitive game will occupy your grandchildren (and you!) for hours on end. So practice your storytelling skills! $34.95,

Keep the kids organized
These aren’t your typical toy boxes… Svan’s storage solutions are both toy boxes and toys! Your toddler grandchildren will have a blast toting around their cars and collecting their toys. These unique toy boxes are even equipped with an adjustable, pullable string, which can be hidden for stationary use. These are perfect to store toys for the grandchildren at your house. $39.99,

Keep the kids safe
The weather is warming up. That means grandparents will be day-tripping to the park, beach or pool. Make sure you pack your MD Moms Sunscreen Towelettes and Daily UV Shield Moisturizing Lotion. These dermatologist-approved products will protect you and your grandchildren from the harsh sun. Both SPF 30 sunscreens are gentle, water-resistant and non-irritating to eyes. $19.99 for sunscreen wipes and $16.99 for moisturizing lotion;

Keep the kids soothed
If grandkids are spending the night, it can be difficult to get the little ones to sleep in an unusual environment. Soothe them to sleep with The Very Hungry Caterpillar Musical Night Light and Soother! This whimsical night light will light up the room. The beloved caterpillar illuminates in green and blue color modes and its unique touch sensors allow for easy volume, light and sound controls. This two-in-one night light also doubles as a soother, playing two different calming lullabies and one rain sound for white noise. $29.99;

Keep the kids clean
When taking trips with toddlers and children who are too young to squat, make sure you pack your Potty Shields. Potty Shields are extra-large waterproof covers that protect skin and clothing from toilet germs. Individually wrapped for purses or diaper bags, Potty Shields protect your grandchildren from harmful bacteria. Offered in blue, pink and green; 6-pack is $5.99, 12-pack is $9.99 and 20-pack is $12.99;

Keep the kids outdoors
As a kid, there was nothing better than the sound of the ice cream truck’s classic jingle rounding the corner. With the Svan Ice Cream Cart and Ice Cream Shop, kids can serve up their favorite ice cream treats while getting the inside scoop on running their own store!  These whimsical, imaginative toys teach children to work with others, take turns and share. Toddlers can serve hungry customers by scooping ice cream onto connectable cones and serving Italian ice. $149.99 for Svan Ice Cream Cart, $39.99 for Svan Ice Cream Shop;

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