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For the [College Age] Grandkids

By Ellie Gant

Box-O-Box ~ an independently owned and operated company that was started by former students who ” witnessed the effects of junky care packages for far too long” ~  allows you to send your college student the hippest, most unique and fun care packages right to his or her door ~ and what college student does love getting a box of goodies sent with TLC?  It can easily be the highlight of the entire week!

Putting together a care package can be time consuming ~ and finding just the right items to include can be difficult.  The advantage of sending through Box-O-Box is that they have 24 different versions that can be customized specifically for your special student.  Some of the fun themes?”  “Pig Out,” “Dirty-No-More,” “Pamper Yourself,” and “Cool Dorm Stuff.”  And as a bonus, each box comes with a hilarious “How To” guide that will have your students cracking up!

Box-O-Box gives you a simple way to help motivate and support your hard-working student throughout the entire school year, letting him or her know that he or she is always in your thoughts.

The care packages are specialized for exam time, holiday time, birthday time or anytime!  Whether you select a single package or choose to do a college semester plan ~ what’s called the “Box-O-Mester” ~ your student will be delighted that you took the time to show that although he or she might be far from home, they’re never far from your heart.

You can order Box-O-Boxes 24 hours a day, 7 days a week through our online ordering system at http://www.boxobox.com.  You have the option of ordering care packages up to a year in advance or at the last minute, and can always call our toll free help line with questions at 1-800-730-0223.

If you’ve got young grandchildren, chances are you’ve gotten very good at kissing away the sting of skinned knees, scraped elbows, and all the other little bumps and bruises that make kids…kids.  Now you can add a little fun to getting a boo-boo bandaged with Nexcare Decorated and Nexcare Comfort Brights: Nexcare decorated bandages offer a variety of first aid products designed with the needs of children and families in mind. New for 2009, soft and flexible Comfort PalsTM joins the brand’s popular assortment of waterproof TattooTM bandages and Comfort Brights bandages. Cheerful styles will brighten up any day with designs including: High School Musical, Hannah Montana, Tigger & Pooh, Mickey Mouse, Handy Manny, Finding Nemo, Cars, Princess, Fairies, and Camp Rock.

Available at Rite-Aid, Target and Walmart.

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