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Flavors of Belize will fill your stomach

By Elise FrenchPrint

The release of Flavors of Belize: The Cookbook, published by McNab Publishing Ltd. of Belize, marks the publication of Belize’s first, authentic, hardcover cookbook.

In the Kriol language, commonly used throughout the country, natives often say, “Yu kyaahn travl pahn emti stomak.” The translation: “You cannot travel on an empty stomach.” With all this Central American melting pot has to offer, visitors should take these words to heart if they choose to explore Belize’s ancient history, lush natural offerings and culturally diverse population. This journey begins with Flavors of Belize.

Packed with recipes, including a selection of soups and starters, main dishes and delectable desserts, this cookbook hosts a variety of submissions from some of Belize’s most renowned chefs and cooks ~ some formally trained and some trained in their mothers’ kitchens. Each section opens with a brief explanation of the different cultures  that act as the foundation of Belizean heritage. This colorful gastronomic guide delivers more than 120 recipes spanning cultures that include the Maya, British, Mestizo, Creole, Chinese, Lebanese, Garifuna and more, accompanied by vibrant and decadent photography from renowned food photographer Matt Armendariz.

For more information, visit www.flavorsofbelize.com.

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