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Fishing with My Father

By Rick Garner

For many of us, the early-morning father and son fishing trips we so looked forward to in our youth remain forever a sacred memory, moments in time that are both precious and often humorous to look back upon.

Wallace W. Bias’s memoir, a heart-warming collection titled Fishing With my Father, illustrated with a dozen powerful line drawings, captures the wonders of nature and the father/son bond and lets dad know that you still cherish all those times spent together.

Wallace, a carpenter and outdoorsman, has been fishing for over 45 years, starting out at the tender age of 4. He recently drove from his South Florida home to Alabama to present the first copy of this book to his 82-year-old father, Jack, and enjoy a day out on the lake with a few that didn’t get away.

“When you’ve been as fortunate as Wallace Bias has, to be able to share a lifetime of fishing with his Dad, well that’s about as good as it gets,” writes Coastal Angler Magazine.

To order your copy of the book, head to

FishingWithMyFather.com or call 952-345-4488.

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