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êShave Adds Short Handle Shave Brush to Award-Winning Line of Badger Hair Shave Brushes

By Ellie Gant

êShave, the world’s premiere brand of upscale grooming essentials, is known for offering highly customized lines of artistically-inspired shaving products and is credited with modernizing the wet-shaving tradition.. Their newest product offering ~ the Short Handle Shave Brush ~ builds on that philosophy, offering customers another option when “creating” their êShave Brush. Customers now have the choice between two different shave brush handle sizes: Original and Short. The Short Handle Shave Brush, which comes with Fine Badger Hair ~ a high-quality bristle that softens with time and use and features strong, yet flexible hairs that are great for exfoliation and obtaining a close shave ~ is available in clear, blue, green, and black colors; with proper care, the Shave brush will last for year. Usability of form and function are critical attributes to the new line, making it easier than ever to obtain the ultimate shaving results without compromising space in your toiletry bag, shower, or bathroom countertop with a new look that is sleek and modern.

“We get a tremendous amount of positive comments from our customers telling us how much they love being able to customize our shaving products… In response to their feedback, we created the Short Handle Shave Brush in order to offer them yet another option when choosing their êShave Brush,” commented Danielle Malka, President/Founder of êShave. “As with our shaving promise, nothing is compromised in its design and our customers can still expect the ultimate shaving experience. The only thing different is the size of the handle.”

The Short Handle Shave Brush is available, as are all of êShave’s Brushes and Luxury Razors, at

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