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Enjoy® Flameless Candles ~ Perfect for Summer and Year-Round!

By Lynn N. Capri

7-copyEnjoy® flameless candles allow consumers to experience the warm atmosphere and ambiance of candlelight without the fire risks or replacement costs. With styles, colors and fragrances to match any décor, flameless candles make the perfect addition to any room. Enjoy® is the only brand that features Triple LED™ technology and a special built in computer chip programmed to create a glow and flicker that will make you think you are looking at a wicked candle. Safe around pets and children, you can use Enjoy® products around the house without worrying. If you forget to blow your candles out at night, you can rest assured that with Enjoy® candles your home will be safe. Some products even feature a timer that you can set to come on every day at the same time and shut off automatically after a set amount of hours.

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