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Edith Marks’ Glaucoma – Patient to Patient: A Guide for You and Your Family

By R. Peltier

In her new nonfiction book, Glaucoma – Patient to Patient: A Guide for You and Your Family (published by iUniverse), accomplished author Edith Marks expounds on her widely read, acclaimed book Coping With Glaucoma (1997 Avery Publishing Group, Penguin Putnam). This updated continuation further explores Marks’ ongoing struggle to retain sight despite a genetic condition affecting her vision.

Coping with Glaucoma

Coping with Glaucoma

Rather than having to sift through hundreds of pages of technical, dense information, Marks has done the work for the reader, condensing her thorough research into a comprehensive, easy-to- read book. “While the book is primarily addressed to glaucoma patients, it contains important information for controlling and treating macular degeneration and other eye diseases,” she notes.

Divided into two main parts, Glaucoma – Patient to Patient gives a detailed overview of glaucoma ~ Marks identifies more than 40 different forms ~ its diagnosis, and its treatments. Diagnostic tools range from an intraocular pressure check and optic nerve examinations to visual field tests and other methods. Treatment options generally include a wide variety of medications. Marks evaluates their side effects and discusses which medications are most suitable for particular types of glaucoma. More invasive treatments, such as laser treatment and surgery, are also outlined.

Glaucoma – Patient to Patient then turns its focus to real-life situations and the practical ways of implementing Marks’ advice into one’s own life. She shares many of the strategies she’s used in her efforts to maintain her eyesight and general health and discusses the complementary therapies that can be used in conjunction with the treatment options laid out in the first part of the book. These therapies include meditation, relaxation and breathing exercises, acupuncture, physical activity and much more. The book also places a special emphasis on the importance of balanced nutrition.

Glaucoma - Patient to Patient

Glaucoma - Patient to Patient

Marks examines her subject with broad scope, sharing her personal experiences with a concise, applicable approach. The thoroughness of her work is evident in its complete resource guide, bibliography and glossary. Discover more in the pages of Glaucoma – Patient to Patient: A Guide for You and Your Family, available at Amazon.com

About the Author

Edith Marks began seeking treatment for her glaucoma in 1989. She holds a master’s degree in psychology from Columbia University and began her career in education working for the New York City Board of Education. An accomplished writer, in addition to 1997’s Coping with Glaucoma, Marks is also the co-author of From College to Career, From Kitchen to Career (Bobbs-Merrill) and Job Hunting for the Disabled (Barron’s Educational Series).

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