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EcoSeaTile Uses Recycled Shells to Create Unique Home Decor

By Susan Miller

home-ecoseatileFirmly committed to combining recycling and reuse with creative design, EcoSeaTile’s collection is handmade in Southern Maine and creates an eye-catching touch to any home décor. Made from waste shells recovered from seafood processing and jewelry making plants, EcoSeaTile’s products are designed to create an eco-friendly link with the sea. EcoSeaTile’s SeaCoasters contain large shell fragments that create a remarkable sense of depth. Cleaned, crushed and set by hand in a clear resin, SeaCoasters are perfect for indoor or outdoor spaces, have a cork backing to keep any table surface safe, and come in two styles: the Atlantic Collection features Mussel, Oyster, Lobster and Scallop fragments and the Pacific Collection features Abalone, Mussel and Mother of Pearl shell fragments. Available individually, SeaCoasters can also be purchased in sets of 4, either mixed or all the same type.

The elegant Wine Stoppers, the newest pieces to join the EcoSeaTile collection, are a wonderful addition to any bar. Easily cleaned for many years of enjoyment, the Wine Stoppers include silicone gaskets, thick chrome plating, and are completed with a globe of beautiful shell fragments on top.

Available at select retailers nationwide, EcoSeaTile’s entire collection can also be viewed and purchased online at

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