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Earth Heart, Inc. Helps Keep Dogs Safe with Guard Well

lifestyle-pets-earth-heart-copyBy Lynn N. Capri

Winter and Spring seasons can be tough times for dogs. Environmental hazards like extreme cold, harsh road salts, drier air, increased exposure to bacteria and viruses, and seasonal allergies can all create havoc for a dog’s natural immunity. To help dogs effectively combat these environmental hazards and nurture a natural state of health, Earth Heart, Inc., is showcasing Guard Well as a featured product in its line of award-winning natural remedy mists.

Guard Well, a mist made with pure essential oils of niaouli, ravensara and frankincense, is effective in over 95% of dogs with itching, swelling, skin problems, and other minor illnesses. Guard Well is easy to use, won’t stain or harm materials, and can safely be sprayed directly onto a dog’s bedding or clothing.

The full line of Earth Heart products, including Canine Calm, Travel Calm and Guard Well, is available for purchase at retail stores throughout the US and Canada, on the Earth Heart website at (where you can also find much more information about Earth Heart, Inc and their products), and by calling 847-551-1806. A wholesale program is also available.

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